Monday, February 21, 2011

Support Unions

Rise up workers. Rise up. With zero representation in the government, workers need to, again, instill fear into the Oligarchy running the show.

Support All Unions.

Miles Mogulescu: Wisconsin Is Ground Zero in America's New Uprising Against the Corporate Oligarchy

But I Thought Union-Busting Solved All Educational Problems! : Lawyers, Guns & Money

Daily Kos: Break the Unions Break the Democratic Party

Republicans attack unions to hurt Democrats: analysts | The Raw Story

What the Right-wing Assault on Women, Unions, the Environment, Health Care and PBS Is All About | Economy | AlterNet


I stand corrected. $36,800 raised by Tide fans for Auburn.

Tide for Toomer's

"Tide For Toomers" raising thousands for Auburn oaks - CBS 42 Birmingham, AL News Weather Sports


Underground is where the survivors from the last die-off survived, so....

Helsinki's Underground Master Plan (VIDEO)



Unknown said...

How's about you helping me get the guy or guys up here to Madison? 100k expected tonight for Tom Morello. Patterson and Cooley have talked about their union roots in the past. I know they deserve their time off the road but they should be here with us. It's time folks like Patterson and the Stroker stand up and stand with us. Cairo is buying pizzas for those camped out in the capital building. The Boys from Alabama need to chip in too. Only music, not pizza.

AAW said...

The would if they could, adpdpfp. Y'all keep up the good fight. Don't let the Dems puss out, per their nature. If WI falls, the rest of the nation isn't too far behind. JPW