Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nowhere Else to Go

The 'having nowhere else to go' battered wife syndrome Democratic mentality will doom us. If we keep electing the same useless assholes over and over again, well....

Labor movement could kick-start a ‘popular revolt’ in the U.S., Nader claims�:
"In an extended interview with Middle East news network Al Jazeera, consumer advocate and repeat U.S. presidential candidate Ralph Nader suggested that President Barack Obama is not supporting the labor movement because “they have nowhere else to go” except for Democrats.

“If he doesn’t stand up for those millions of workers, we might as well call him a president in a corporate prison called the White House,” Nader said, likening Obama’s “playing” of labor unions to the stretching of an elastic band."


Daily Kos: House Progressives reflect on being in the minority:
"'The sum and substance of our political strategy can't be waiting for them to fuck up.'"

AMERICAblog News: Foolish consistency: the hobgoblin of little minds:
"These are just two more examples of many messages that the Dems might use to good result if they could just maintain more discipline than a herd of cats.

But recall what Ralph Waldo Emerson said: 'A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.'

In our current political climate, the quote applies to both parties, but for different reasons. Republicans maintain the foolish consistency -- or better, the fraudulent one -- that they favor small government, low taxes and free enterprise. But the only reason the GOPers succeed in this delusion is because most Dems maintain a foolishly consistent faith in bipartisanship and a similar unwillingness to play hardball. And finally, the mainstream media contributes its own foolish consistency to the train wreck this nation has become: it enables the little minds of both parties by fawning over and identifying with the establishment even as it fails utterly to pursue its principle mission: to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable."

Starts at the top.

"America's True Crisis: Zero Vision, Zero Leadership":
"Jim Hightower is right. But, he fails to see that the lack of leadership starts at the White House and inhabits the entire Democratic Party. I do not expect leadership from republicans. The republican idea of leadership is to fuck up the nation in some weird idea that making the rich richer without producing anything of value will benefit all, when instead it harms all."

Daniel Ellsberg arrested at protest for Bradley Manning:
"Manning 'is being selectively prosecuted, pure and simple,' said Zeese.

Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers fame and retired US colonel Ann Wrightwere among 30 activists detained amid the peaceful demonstration at the Quantico Marine base in Virginia, according to the group."

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