Monday, April 11, 2011

Apologists are a threat to all of us

So, yeah. Another Friday, another complete capitulation. A horrible 'deal' that screws much of the U.S..

2011 is not 1995 - Ezra Klein - The Washington Post:
"The substance of this deal is bad. But the way Democrats are selling it makes it much, much worse."

Daily Kos: Ignore this Mr. President. You already ignore me.:
"Here I am doing my civic duty, working on my taxes. I am paying my fair share.

My wife and I gave you money when you ran for President. We supported you.

But now? Blow, after blow, after blow.

The 'deal' about which you bragged is perhaps the final straw for this camel, whose back is breaking at the same time as his heart is shattered."

Progressives Must Stand up to the President:
"You can ignore this, blame me and go hug the president one more time, but you won't be doing your side any favors. If you actually care about policy and progressive priorities, you must get tough with the president right now. There is no next time."

The apologists are a threat to all of us.:
"That pragmatism, by the way, is a joke. It's a loser attitude, the idea that you should push for what's reasonable instead of what you want. Give up on your ideals, they tell us, they're not realistic with Congress being Republican controlled. Obama is just a man, so overlook the repeated insults and dismissals of who we are and what we stand for. So what's our reasonable demand? What have WE gotten in the budget compromises? That list of things Obama has done for progressives is disingenuous, neatly sidestepping all of the things that were taken away from us and touting minor concessions as major accomplishments."

AMERICAblog News: Lessons in how NOT to negotiate, courtesy of your President. Lesson 1: Don't accept the other guy's opening offer.:
"So, the White House strategy of negotiating with Republicans really is to give them what they want. In case we missed the point, Obama repeated it:

And I just want to set the context for this now. Again, I’m going to repeat. Speaker Boehner, Chairman Rogers, the Republican appropriations chairman -- their original budget proposed $73 billion in cuts. We have now agreed to $73 billion worth of cuts.

Got that?

What law school did Obama attend? Was he absent when they studied negotiations? That has to be the worst negotiating tactic around."


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I just want to tell you how much I love this blog. I love every link you post. I can always click on my AAW bookmark and be intellectually and musically happy (or pissed off about our world, but that's not your fault) for a good 45 minutes. ( : THANK YOU!

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