Thursday, April 14, 2011

The People's Budget

The People's Budget presented by the Democrats' largest caucus; The Progressive Caucus.

Negotiations should begin here and not budge a freaking inch.

Introducing the People's Budget
"# Reduces unemployment—and thus the deficit—through extensive investment in infrastructure, clean energy, transportation and education;

# Ends almost all the Bush tax cuts, creates new tax brackets for millionaires and new fees on Wall Street;

# Full American military withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, along with other reductions in military spending;

# Ends subsidies for non-renewable energy;

# Lowers health care costs through a public option and negotiating Rx payments with pharmaceutical companies;

# Raises the taxable maximum on Social Security."

So, Obama's speech yesterday... yep, lots of words. Heard it all before only to see the action be contrary to the words. His speeches mean shite. Let's see what he does (not holding my breath).

Krugman's take:

The Budget Speech -
"Update: I should probably say, I could live with this as an end result. If this becomes the left pole, and the center is halfway between this and Ryan, then no — better to pursue the zero option of just doing nothing and letting the Bush tax cuts as a whole expire."

On my list for potential write-in candidates in '12. Love this guy. He fights.

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"But the rich folks walked to the woods where my daddy stayed...."

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