Monday, April 18, 2011


Credit where credit is due.

House Democrats Punk Republicans On Budget Vote (VIDEO)


Make no mistake... this was no mistake. Campaign has begun.

Obama remarks caught by open mic - Los Angeles Times


Words, words, words.

AMERICAblog News: Candidate Obama vs. President Obama

Me, I'll go back to my Grand Bargain drinking game. See the part in the Krugman quote about letting the Bush tax cuts expire? Never gonna happen. See those defense cuts? Never gonna happen, not in any non-cosmetic way. He's had two years to do lots of stuff like that, and folded on all of it. Never gonna happen.

I think the target of this speech wasn't the nation — but us, the rebellious left. I think the political geniuses in the White House finally got scared of losing the base. Finally. So they retired President Obama for one inning and brought out Candidate Obama to pinch hit. Candidate Obama can put one over the fence.

So my take-away is two-fold:

We had an effect; I think we changed the speech. Don't forget that. This is one thing we can learn from the Teabags. Finally, a small but noticeable liberal victory. It's been like forever since one of those.

This is just a speech — "Words, words, words" to quote the Bard. We've seen this act before. In fact, it's been the great one-two punch of this administration; Candidate says this, President does that. So stay rebellious until you get what you want, until the action matches the promise. That's the other thing we can learn from the Teabags.

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