Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Alabama's GOP Delegation Voted Against Funding for Tornado Forecasting

Not nary a one will pay a political price.

Legal Schnauzer: Alabama's GOP Delegation Voted Against Funding for Tornado Forecasting:
"Bachus, however, apparently neglected to mention that he and other Republicans in Alabama's Congressional delegation voted against funding for satellites that are critical for accurate storm forecasting. The Web site climateprogress.org reports that Bachus and his fellow Alabama Republicans--Martha Roby, Mo Brooks, Robert Aderholt, Mike Rogers, and Jo Bonner--voted against a bill that would replace aging satellites that are the heart of America's weather-forecasting system."
Therefore, who's really at fault? The asshole politicians or the dumb-asses who elect them. This we know for sure: An ass is involved in the process at all points.


Oh, Matt Taibbi. How many nails must you crush on the head...

Loony-ass Insurgents vs. Waffling Bores: GOP Presidential Fight Starts Tonight | Rolling Stone Politics | Taibblog | Matt Taibbi on Politics and the Economy


Daily Kos: Bill Maher lays out GOP's utter failure


People of the U. S. can not or will not wrap their collective heads around the ass kicking we receive. America. farf yea.

AMERICAblog News: Rachel on Osama and money: "The goal of Al Qaeda was to bleed America to the point of bankruptcy":
"'According to bin Laden, the goal of Al Qaeda was to bleed America to the point of bankruptcy. That was his grand strategy' (6:35 in the clip).

She titles her report 'On Our Terms, Not His'. On his terms, we lost, right? After all, isn't that what the Reagan of our myths did to the old Soviet Union — get them to spend themselves into bankruptcy?

Food for thought, though I don't hold out hope for our digesting it. The real predators feeding on our decline — the military-security industry — are feasting. They're unlikely to allow the process of decay to stop until the last drinkable drop has passed their lips. And we're unlikely to stop them."

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