Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Grand Lie

The Grand Lie will very soon lead to The Grand Bargain in which the middle class (what remains) will get thoroughly screwed by Obama, other fake Democrats and the Republicans. Bank on it.

Van Jones on the deficit: ‘We are not stupid. We can do the math.’ | The Raw Story:
"On stage, Jones used his speech, at times funny, at times tragic, to push back on the idea that America is out of money. “We keep hearing America -- the richest country in the history of the world is broke,” he said. “This is a very dangerous lie, because once you believe this a whole lot of other things start to sound acceptable.”

Using graphics, he gave the audience an educational lesson on where American money is going: Wall Street ($144 billion in compensation this year, a record high), the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the loss of revenue from the Bush tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans and corporate tax loopholes. “The pie, the country’s GDP, is getting bigger!” he said. “It’s just your slice that is getting smaller. The social contract between corporate America and the rest of America is broken.”

“Tax Wall Street fairly, wind down the wars responsibly, roll back the Bush tax cuts and close corporate loopholes,” Jones said. “We are not stupid. We can do the math.”"

All well and good one of the few adults in Washington demands to be involved now, but as long as the conversation remains debt and not stimulus, the screw is already set.

Pelosi demands seat at debt talks - TheHill.com


Love me some Bernie but President Yield-a-lot has already compromised on his compromise.

Bernie Sanders: Don't 'Yield' On Debt Deal

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Shared Sacrifice: Sign Bernie's Letter to the President


To be, or like, not to be... you know? Wait... what?

Scientists want to dig up Shakespeare to find out if he smoked weed | The Raw Story



Scott said...

Re: Shakespeare- "to inhale or not to inhale"

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I believe he chose the former, Scott.

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