Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One Term

So inspiring.

Obama: ‘There are days where I say one term is enough’�|�Raw Replay

So Progressive it hurts.

Obama bid to cut pediatrician training draws fire - The Washington Post

So wrong, so damn wrong.

AMERICAblog News: Obama slams government hiring, says private industry should lead

Finally! Someone tackling those out of control $10 URL costs. Nevermind those $500 military toilet seats.


The Campaign to Cut Government Waste: Efficiency Theater:
"Ah, waste, fraud, and abuse. Nobody likes those, do they? Of course not! That’s why the Obama administration is going to eliminate it. A lot of it. Just don’t ask exactly what. Or how."
I'm fine with one term, too. Very fine.

And Let the Bad Guys Win? | Ted Rall's Rallblog

If you aren't willing to lose now to win big later, you aren't in the game.


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