Monday, July 25, 2011


Shock Doctrine.

Eschaton: There Is No Crisis


What Obama Was Willing to Give Away -
"Jonathan Cohn summarizes what seems to have been in the deal that Boehner walked away from; it’s horrifying. Above all, the proposed rise in the age of Medicare eligibility was a real betrayal of both Democratic principles and good government."

Daily Kos: The Debt Ceiling Battle Was Lost Last December:
"Yes, now President Obama and Democrats have to accept a bad bargain to raise the debt ceiling. But if they had negotiated better last December, they could have made a better bargain then. They didn't. The Deal was a terrible mistake. And 7 months later, people like Bernstein want to forget how the bad deal in December is leading to the bad deal in July/August on the debt ceiling (and the one after that on the budget.)

It is taxes that Republicans care about. It is the one thing that animates the party. In December, President Obama had the biggest stick he is likely to have until after the 2012 elections. He gave it up without getting back what he needed.

It was terrible bargaining and everyone should have been able to see it. Apparently, not everyone did."

Obama, George H.W. Bush, and the ghosts of 1990 - War Room -


Tweeters rage against the D.C. machine - What's Trending - CBS News:

A conservative Christian did this. Not a brown person. Not a Muslim. A conservative Christian who targeted Liberals.

Norway's Timothy McVeigh.

Norway Attack: Island Survivors On Their 2-Hour Fight For Life


Right-Wing Pundits Jumped To Blame Muslims And ‘Jihadists’ For Norway Attacks | ThinkProgress


Daily Kos: Norway attacker was a political Terminator:
"Taking out 80 of the people committed enough to go to the AUF's Utoya summer retreat? That's like sending a Terminator back in time to take out a future Parliamentary leadership.

The crime was unspeakably heinous to begin with. And telling Americans that the killer targeted a 'summer camp,' it was no doubt imagined, would only make it sound worse.

It did. But it didn't really describe the magnitude of the loss for Norway. Nor did it convey the calculated sickness—and the very, very intensely political nature—of what the gunman undertook to do."

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