Thursday, July 28, 2011

What is...

The Good. Rick Bragg on the Tuscaloosa tornadoe.

What stands in a storm: When the winds died down -
"I have seldom felt helpless in my life. I hold to the hillbilly standard that there is no situation so hopeless that, through perseverance, I cannot make worse."

The very bad.

A Plague on the Gulf: Local Fisherman Pulls Up Dozens of Crabs with Oil Stains, Burns and Lesions Off Pensacola | Stuart H. Smith


The very, very ugly.

Alabama Continues To Tax Citizens To Pay For Confederate Memorial Park | ThinkProgress


The didn't get married, in Doll-y-wood. And, would a Porter Wagoner look-a-like perform such a ceremony?

Dollywood Bans Visitor's Gay-Friendly T-Shirt


What is 'Ow, ow, fucking-ow', Alex.

Alex Trebek injured chasing burglary suspect


We live longer.

San Jose Residents Have Longest Life Spans In U.S. | CBC San Francisco - Yahoo! News:
"It seems as if the farther west you go, the better the longevity. Only two cities in the northeast made the cut.

The west coast had the majority of the spots on the list of 20 cities, with California having the most out of all the states."

Longevity might have something to do with this guy. See you at Hardly Strictly, Truffle Guy. Glad you got a t-shirt.

Truffle Guy Forever Immortalized on T-Shirt | Uptown Almanac


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