Monday, August 01, 2011

Quoteth Dick Cheney

In the immortal words of Dick Cheney, Obama and the Democrats can go fuck themselves. At this point, President Romney would be an improvement.

"Some details aren't clear to me yet, but seems like they've hit on the perfect combination of stupid and evil for the debt ceiling 'deal.'"

AMERICAblog News:
"Suffice it to say, the GOPers won. Big. Expect to hear some crowing from Dems. about minor little victories. We'll hear lots of spin and boasting. Overall, we're seeing a GOP package. Have to hand it to them, they know how to use their power. Too bad Democrats only control the White House and the Senate."

Krugman: Proposed debt deal will cost jobs and revenue�|�Raw Replay

The Halt and the Lame -


Whole lotta this:

Responses to debt deal range from angry to angrier - Yahoo! News:
"But Kiran Mahto of Portland, Ore., who volunteered for the Obama campaign in 2008, would have preferred no deal at all to the concessions he felt the president made to congressional Republicans.

Mahto, a 35-year-old managing editor who works in health care information technology, said the agreement is the latest in a long string of times Obama has disappointed him, and vowed it would be the last.

'I'm actively opposed to this president now. That also goes for his party since they've been silent through the whole ordeal,' said Mahto, who thinks the debt deal will lead to an Obama defeat in 2012. 'Cutting the deficit will do nothing to get people jobs. Without jobs and without a liberal base, he will lose.'"

Daily Kos: You Can’t Demoralize Me with Your Highly Accurate “Obama Is a Colossal Failure” Narrative:
"Obama is my guy to the end.

(Do you remember the rallies of 2008? They were awesome.)

Sure you can point out that Middleman Obama has failed to address the country’s priorities - jobs and economic recovery - while firmly embracing the creeping Orwellism of the Bush national security state.

So maybe he has pre-emptively surrendered on all the most important elements of his professed agenda.

What was he supposed to do?


davyproctorboy said...

Why doesn't he just get it over with? Obama should re-register as a Republican and run for re-election as one. Then maybe the Democrats could nominate someone with character and strength, but I doubt it.

AAW said...

He'd never be able to destroy the Democratic party as a Republican. Apparently it needs to be an inside job. If we truly lived in a democracy, he's be primaried. We do not live in a democracy.

If I don't write in in '12, Davy, I'll join the Green team.