Friday, August 26, 2005

Palau - Art and Signs

While in Palau I had the pleasure of meeting a young Phillipina artist by the name of Rhea. She's really talented and below are some pictures of her paintings:

If I remember correctly these ladies aren't churning butter but are taking care of the body of a man who happened to piss one of them off. Lesson: Don't piss of a Phillipina

Precursor to "Dark Angel" a painting being commissioned by Dave.

The dark image in the backgroud is a pregnant tummy.

You rock, Rhea!

Next up is a piece of art work I snapped in the museum:

Palauans are known for their storyboards. Prisoners create them and sell them at the jail:

Being in a 2nd world country brings about some unusual and often time funny signage.

These words in Palauan:

Mean this in english:

And when you see this sign....

... you may want to hold it.

Here's Dave's place of business:

Dave's name plate storyboard crafted by the local prisoners:

The local brew was called Red Rooster. Came in Light, Dark and Red:

It saved us from having to drink crappy domestic American beer. (I'll be the first to admit I'm a microbrew beer snob).

And, finally, if you can't tell what's wrong with this picture:

... then you might be an islander.


rhea_77 said...

So cool to see my art work! thank you. How I wish I found this web site long time ago.
I'd like to send you some of my art work photos.

JPW said...

Hey Rhea! Good to hear from you!! I can't believe those folks on the Island didn't show you the pics of your paintings. I got your yahoo IM and added you. Send me some more pictures. I'll post them! Hope you are doing well. I miss Palau! I want to come back and live for good!!