Friday, August 26, 2005

Palau - Monkey Memorial

There is a bar next to the slip where Dave docks his boat. 2 monkeys lived at the bar. One was in a cage and liked beer even more than Rich does. The other monkey was on a leash outside of the cage and liked to wrestle the bar's puppy and show the puppy the power of thumbs. One was named Cherry Monkey and the other was.... let's call it the other monkey. The monkey in the cage had been there for 10 years.

Recently, I received some devastating news from Dave via email:

"...Hey -- please send me a picture of the monkey over there at hazel's place. during the typhoon his cage was blown into the water and he drowned. he had been there for 10 years. i wanted to frame a pic and give it to the bar."

Too sad. So here is a picture tribute to the monkeys:

Monkey vs. Puppy
UPDATE: 9/9/2005 - Email from Dave:

"A quick postscript about the puppy you have on there playing with the monkey: I stopped by Hazel's forcoffee this morning and the poor dog tried to walkover to greet me but his hind legs don't work. He was shot with a pellet gun the other day and he'sparalyzed now. Tough to be a pet in Palau".

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