Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Palau - Big ol' Jet Airliner

The trip home was an adventure in and of itself. We left Palau at 1:30am on a Saturday morning after packing in darkness as the power went off in all of Palau. (Thankfully, the airport has its own generators). Next stop was Guam for a 3 hour lay over. We slept on the floor until we found out we had access to Continential's Executive Lounge. After Guam came the "Island Hopper". Four stops on specks of land in the Pacific with the duration of each flight being approximately 2 hours. We stopped in Chuuk (or Truk), Pohnpei, Kosrae (all in the Federated States of Micronesia) and finally Yokwe-Majuro, Capitol of the Marshall Islands.

We left Yokwe-Majuro and flew to Hawaii where we spent the next 48 hours. Left Hawaii for L.A. then home to San Francisco. 9 airports in nearly 72 hours.

Rich on the Chuuk Airport runway.

Capitol of Micronesia

The Rock of Pohnpei

This picture was taken as we were sitting on a wall watching them refuel. Luckily we were moved to a much safer place by airport personnel.

Here is where they moved us

Rich dubbed these folks, "Our fan club". Similar group of people waiting at each of the island hop airports. We thought they were following us around.

"Our Fan Club"

Capitol of the Marshall Islands

Honolulu view from the hotel

The ocean view. Waikiki beach starts to the left

View of Diamond Head and Waikiki

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