Tuesday, September 06, 2005

To Those Who Voted for Bush: Do You Get It Now? by Bernard Weiner - Democratic Underground

Culture of life my ass! Wake up, southerners! Quit voting for people who play on your fears and quit voting against your best interest. It may cost you your life.... hell, it may have already cost you your life if you live on the gulf coast. Bush.... Goddamn Bastard.

To Those Who Voted for Bush: Do You Get It Now? by Bernard Weiner - Democratic Underground


Anonymous said...

I got up early before Katrina was to make landfall on Monday to go to work at Univ So Ala hospital. We are to report and stay or make sure we get there when a hurricane is announced.By Tuesday morning, we had little connection to the outside world, except our local station, but I knew the Ms coast had gone down and knew the hospitals along the coast were in shambles as ambulances and helicoptors would, could not stop coming. We were spared, mostly, in Mobile, but it was obvious that the plans for such a disaster were not in place. We were running on generators that would stop working as patients were being brought to us instead of taking them to hospitals that still had power, etc. I ran through a darkend ER at one point with only a penlight thinking someone may need assistance to care for a patient in the dark. Our administrators had to turn away all but the staff until we were fed first as people came in from the surrounding neighborhoods to eat. I have since heard horror stories up and down the coast since the medical community tends to be very tight, of how the personnel at other facilities "bagged" patients by hand, and told of looters roaming their halls. We did not know of the looting as we did not have access to the news the rest of the country was watching on CNN. I felt more and more aversion to our government as I could not get out of my mind that "this must be how life is like for the Iraquis" no utilites, hot and wounded stacked up in their hopitals. I hate George Bush.

JPW said...

A lot of us hate George Bush!