Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Interesting Speculation:

Complete speculation but..... Cheney doesn't heart Georgie any more?

"Cheney has been getting tired of being called upon to fix Bush's mistakes. Cheney said Bush is almost incapable of making any decision. He waffles and waffles. Then, once he makes a decision, he refuses to change it. Because of his born-again faith, he says "It's in the hands of G-d now" and washes his hands of it. Then Cheney is called in to repair the damage.

If this story is even remotely true, this may have been the final straw for Cheney, and he decided to let Bush try to wiggle his way out of his Katrina inaction on his own."

Once again, I state that this is speculation with no hard evidence but....

The biggest story of 2005 is hiding in plain sight

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