Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Letter to the Editor - Southern Style

Great one from The Birmingham News in response to the Alabama Rep. Erwin

Here's my previous post on dipshit Erwin

Needs protection from Hank Erwin:

Now we have Hank Erwin speaking for God. The devastation of the Gulf Coast is God's wrath on the vice of gambling. Doesn't my Bible record God's promise never to destroy the world again by flood? Oh, I see. He didn't destroy the whole world, just the bad parts.

History records more than 20 major hurricanes, beginning with the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900. Thousands of deaths, billions in lost property, disease and devastation - all God's punishment. The elderly, disabled and downtrodden must have been too busy placing bets to flee their doom.

Let's see. All of these areas have long coastlines. Most hurricanes that hit the Southeastern United States take somewhat similar tracks. Could these hurricanes actually occur because of scientific reasons? No. God has it in for coast-dwellers, home to literally thousands of people who believe just like Brother Erwin and worship at the same altar. Are they just collateral damage, along with hundreds of churches and at least one seminary? Surely, God's aim is better than that.

And what about Las Vegas, Reno and Monte Carlo?

We in the inlands must be without sin. No hurricanes here. Oh, I forgot tornadoes, car wrecks, plane crashes, cancer, mental illness, AIDS and migraine headaches. God has all types of artillery.

I think I will stay inside and hide. But not from God. From the Hank Erwins of the world.

Will H*****



davyproctorboy said...

Recent bumper sticker sighting: "god save me from your followers".

JPW said...

If god is benevolent, then we're all good because he will forgive you for being human. If god is a vindictive god (the fundy christian god) then we're all fucked because no matter what you do he'll send you to hell. If there is no god then alot of people are wasting a lot of time. A lot of people are wasting a lot of time.