Thursday, December 15, 2005

Facing South: Dear France

A New Orleans resident and homeowner wants to renegotiate the Louisiana Purchase
Dear France,

Greetings from Louisiana! We are shopping for new owners, and we immediately thought of you! Our present rulers haven't been taking very good care of us and we are looking for a better deal. They are spending all our money in a place called Iraq (somewhere in the Middle East). We thought that perhaps you might want to revisit an old land deal you made long ago.

If you've been reading the papers lately, you may have noticed that we have had a few problems with "water". No, we're not offering you a deal on a damaged water park. (Althouugh that's what it looks like from the air) Seriously, we need help, and fast.


Anonymous said...

Dear Louisiana,
We gave thought to your offer, but decided that we have enough rioting minorities of our own. We are too busy not helping our own people to ignore you too.
With our condolences,

AAW said...

heh, nice response!