Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Distillery to Revive 184-Proof Whisky

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You can watch it age on a webcam and when it's done 2 sponefuls can kill you dead. A rock band once tried to write a song about this whisky but the song was so bad the whisky pulled a gun and shot them all between the eyes... except for the drummer... who lived to tell the tale.... JD ain't got shit on this:

Distillery to Revive 184-Proof Whisky:
A Scottish distillery said Monday it was reviving a centuries-old recipe for whisky so strong that one 17th-century writer feared more than two spoonfuls could be lethal.

Although whisky lovers can place their orders now, the actual spirit will not be delivered for about 10 years.

In the meantime, customers will be able to watch the whisky's progress on the distillery's webcams
Picture of Bush hand jobbin.... um.... holding hands with the protectors of our ports. Mandate:

Poll: Bush Ratings At All-Time Low | February 27, 2006
The latest CBS News poll finds President Bush's approval rating has fallen to an all-time low of 34 percent, while pessimism about the Iraq war has risen to a new high.
They'll come atcha with everything at their disposal:
Texas Nonprofit Is Cleared After GOP-Prompted Audit:
"The Internal Revenue Service recently audited the books of a Texas nonprofit group that was critical of campaign spending by former House majority leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) after receiving a request for the audit from one of DeLay's political allies in the House."
Clinton thought: BushCo. Inc. rapes the system, rapes our wallets, rapes our infrastructure, rapes the environment, seriously abuses our military, yet Clinton, who gamed the system, put money in our wallets, built our infrastructure, saved our environment, improved our military was impeached for a consensual blowjob?

It's like rock, paper, scissors. Rock crushes scissors. Apparently Gun crushes Ninja.... The reason that guns should be legal:
Homeowner shoots 'ninja' who attacked wife:
"An armed man wearing a black, ninja-style mask was shot to death by a Healdsburg man this morning after he attacked the man's wife outside their home and chased her inside, police said."
Read something important! Try to focus your 1 minute microwave oven minds:
The media, politicians, and academics do NOT understand who bloggers, and what blogs, are
by John in DC
Markos goes off, rightly on, on an article that talks about bloggers being 'extreme' and 'activists.' The idea that liberal bloggers are mostly far-left blood-throwing loons has been a common misconception that's been repeated by the media, politicians, and pundits.

First problem, you're mixing up the conservative blogs with the liberal blogs, and lumping them all together, when in fact both sides are quite different.

The top conservative blogs are very conservative, and do represent the far-right of the Republican party.

But on the liberal side of the blogosphere, things are completely different. On average, I'd say, the top liberal blogs are not far-left, nor are they conservative Democrats. The top bloggers tend to be middle of the road Democrats (or liberals) who occasionally veer left and right of Democratic center depending on the issue (I for example am very pro gay rights, but I also tend to be more hawkish on foreign and defense policy - though I don't appreciate being lied to and tricked into unnecessary wars costing $300 billion and thousands of American lives)."

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