Monday, February 27, 2006

Nine Bullets - Dirty South outtake 'Great Car Dealer War' now available

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Nine Bullets - Dirty South outtake 'Great Car Dealer War' now available:
"Looking for more from the Dirty South? Issue #20 of UK magazine Comes With A Smile includes a CD with a previously unreleased DBT track! Another great Patterson tune, 'The Great Car Dealer War' was recorded during the Dirty South sessions, and tells the story of a hired arsonist in north Alabama.

A taste of the lyrics...

Didn't kill nobody, didn't mean no harm. Just making money and having fun.
Didn't kill nobody, but I know the score. I just start the fires in the great car dealer war.


In other news...Want to hear A Blessing And A Curse in its entirity? From now until its official release date, if you pre-order the album at Amazon you will get access to a streaming version of the entire album via Amazon's 'digital locker'. Pretty cool!"

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