Monday, February 27, 2006

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Before we dip our big toe back into the apocalypse that is the Bush administration, let's get a dose of some feel good to stave off the Neoconservative Flu:

Jason McElwain: Autistic basketball player shines

Nice, huh. Monday mornings need The Rudy Effect.

Money matters and Bush ain't showin' it to us:
Surprise! Bankruptcy filers really are broke
Students suffocate under tens of thousands in loans

I can relate to the following article. I know what this man felt. I feel a light sentence is required in this case because sometimes.... SOMETIMES... a person deserves what they get:

Man Angry About Slamming Door Killed Neighbor
"Investigators believe Betty Shepperd was murdered over something that sounds extremely trivial. They said 45-year-old Vito Loiacono was irritated that Shepperd was slamming the door at night and waking him up."
Here come the judges:

The Bush administration was ordered by a U.S. federal judge on Friday to explain why it did not give New Jersey officials documents and information Washington had about a deal allowing an Arab company to take over management of a container terminal in Newark." Would Justice Clean the House?
The Justice Department has a message for Congress: clean up your house or else we may have to do it for you. A senior federal law enforcement official told TIME that the paralyzed and often lax House ethics committee has created a vacuum that prosecutors won't hesitate to fill. The House’s internal mechanism for keeping corruption in check is “broken,” says the official.
Take some time to read something important...... Focus, goddammit!
Bill Moyers | Restoring the Public Trust

William F. Buckley Jr. on Iraq
"One can't doubt that the American objective in Iraq has failed."


Anonymous said...

The Bill Moyers article is great. I will pass it on.

I disagree with almost everything Buckley says, because he is starting the article from a totally incorrect premise: that the objective of the American Iraq slaughter was to bring peace and democracy to Iraq. That has nothing to do with why the U.S. invaded, occupies, and is destroying that country. I agree that the objective has largely failed. However, Buckley completely is wrong about the objective. One of the main objectives that has not failed is the establishment of huge, permanent military bases in Iraq (which the Americans will keep and defend no matter what happens, as in Cuba), and military bases encircling the oil-producing countries, and flanking China. Always follow the money! As my favorite Iraq war protest t-shirt reads: "How did our oil get under their soll?". The objective has failed because the U.S. has not been able yet to pocket the oil money.

Anonymous said...

Re: our "friends" in the UAE in the war on "terror" standing shoulder to shoulder with us (hope it's girl, boy, girl, boy....)in our nation's quest for freedom. This is terrorfying: "11 of 26 men who were arrested in November at an alleged gay wedding in Ghantout, UAE, were imprisoned for 6 years on Feb. 11, local media reported. The men were convicted under laws that ban obscenity and homosexual activity." San Francisco Bay Times

AAW said...

Quit nickpicking, davy. A major conservative is bashing Bush. Go with it...