Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Beer Spa

Jimmy Carter on Daily Kos:
Jimmy Carter wrote his first diary on Daily Kos the other day. In that dairy he requested questions from the readers. He responded to those questions in another diary a few days later. Progressive politicians are realizing where their audience is. We're not on CNN or CBS. Dailykos has more "viewership" than those 2 combined. It is a scared new world and those of us who are working to change it back to a brave new world are online. Check out Peanut laying some logic on you:
"Early this month, I had lunch in Plains with a family from Panama City, and a high school girl asked me why she should be a Democrat. I asked her a series of questions that all bloggers should use in discussions: Do you prefer peace or war? Do favor tax breaks for the richest Americans or working families? Would you rather destroy the environment or protect it? Do you approve the torture of prisoners? Do you think our government should secretly spy on your family? Do you think we should abandon every nuclear arms control agreement negotiated since Dwight Eisenhower was president? Do you approve of your part of the national debt now being $28,000 and increasing by $300 each month? Do you think we should meld religion and government? She gave me the Democratic answer to all the questions, and I believe that most Americans will agree, no matter if their state is red or blue."
The Founders Never Imagined a Bush Administration
This article is from George Mason University's History News Network. You got to give it up for George Mason even though they did screw my brackets
Relying on legal opinions from Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales and Professor John Yoo, then working in the White House, Bush has insisted that there can be no limits to the power of the commander-in-chief in time of war. More recently the president has claimed that laws relating to domestic spying and the torture of detainees do not apply to him. His interpretation has produced a devilish conundrum.

President Bush has given Commander-in-Chief Bush unlimited wartime authority. But the "war on terror" is more a metaphor than a fact. Terrorism is a method, not an ideology; terrorists are criminals, not warriors. No peace treaty can possibly bring an end to the fight against far-flung terrorists. The emergency powers of the president during this "war" can now extend indefinitely, at the pleasure of the president and at great threat to the liberties and rights guaranteed us under the Constitution.
Iraq Reporters Hit Back at Claims They Are Biased on War:
"Should we blame the government? Or blame so-ci-ety? No! Blame the Media, Blame the Media, With their beady little lies, And flappin' heads so full of lies. Blame the Media, Blame the Media, We must blame them and cause a fuss, Before someone thinks of blaming uuuuuuuuuus!
"Appearing on NBC, its Baghdad correspondent Richard Engel said, “Most Iraqis I speak to say, ‘Actually most reporters get it wrong--it’s the situation on the ground is actually worse than the images we project on television.’'

He added: “We’ll see more and more reports coming out by the media explaining how they are covering the war and I think the Bush administration overplayed their hand in trying to blame their problems on the media.”"
Andrew Card Resigns as White House Chief of Staff:
Resigned? Bullshit. About to be indicted? Probably. "Shake-up in staff"? Try "window-dressing". I'm sure this new guy will turn everything around for the preznit.
"White House Chief of Staff Andrew H. Card Jr. announced his resignation this morning after nearly 5 1/2 years as President Bush's top aide. Bush said Card will be replaced by Joshua B. Bolten, the director of the Office of Management and Budget."
World's first beer health spa:
If you guys need me I'll be in the Czech Repulic.... forever.
"The world's first beer health centre has opened in the cellar of a family brewery in the Czech Republic.

Beer baths, beer massages and beer cosmetics are on offer at the spa at the Chodovar Family brewery in Chodova Plana.

The converted cellars include seven huge Victorian style baths where guests can swim in beer while enjoying a pint poured at a bathside bar."


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Sign me up for a beer enema at the spa ass whupper!

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Talk about a cheap buzz!