Monday, March 27, 2006

Mmmm... Bacon

Our Loonies versus their loonies:
Excellent read.
Whenever I get into a discussion with a Republican over how nasty conservatives have become over the past 15 years, I often get the 'well you have Michael Moore' refrain.

Only problem is, yes we do have Michael Moore, and when did he ever suggest blacks are genetically inferior to whites (Republican David Duke), that Supreme Court justices should be assassinated (Republican Ann Coulter), and when was he ever indicted (Tom Delay, Jack Abramoff, Scooter Libby, and oh so many more)?

He hasn't, because Michael Moore is someone conservatives simply disagree with, and that makes him per se hateful. Kind of like the Dixie Chicks, except they have boobs too, which made it an even bigger crime in Republican circles that they had an opinion."
Daou Report:
Remember when "Meet the Press" tortured those dudes in Abu Ghraib? Or when Dan Rather killed 69 Iraqis yesterday? This is Bush's world. It is all the media's fault even though he has them all in his back pocket. Fucking spoiled brat.
Bush Launches Massive Shock & Awe Offensive... Against U.S. Media: As the Bush administration's Iraq fiasco spirals further out of control, a new phase of the war has begun: an all-out assault on the American media for simply reporting the news. The scope and audacity of this attack is breathtaking: on cue, a bevy of administration officials and rightwing talking heads has begun taking direct aim at the press, accusing reporters of fabricating the Iraq crisis."
Bush shuns Patriot Act requirement:
Bush disregarding laws?! I'm shocked! Maybe we all need to pray harder.
"WASHINGTON -- When President Bush signed the reauthorization of the USA Patriot Act this month, he included an addendum saying that he did not feel obliged to obey requirements that he inform Congress about how the FBI was using the act's expanded police powers"
Candidates Cool to Bush, but Not His Money:
Whores. Prostitutes. It is time for public funding of campaigns. Money is not free speech.

"WASHINGTON - Many worried Republicans on the ballot in November have been pushing away from the White House, not wanting to be dragged under by President Bush's sinking approval ratings and growing anxiety over Iraq. That doesn't mean they're also fleeing his cash offerings, however."
Schools Cut Back Subjects to Push Reading and Math:
Georgie doesn't want anybody to be smarter than he is.
"SACRAMENTO — Thousands of schools across the nation are responding to the reading and math testing requirements laid out in No Child Left Behind, President Bush's signature education law, by reducing class time spent on other subjects and, for some low-proficiency students, eliminating it."
Pursuing Healthier Bacon Through Biotech:
Science we can all love.
"A microscopic worm may be the key to heart-friendly bacon.

Geneticists have mixed DNA from the roundworm C. elegans and pigs to produce swine with significant amounts of omega-3 fatty acids — the kind believed to stave off heart disease.


Ben Domenech said...

But, but...Michael Moore is fat!

JPW said...

Who did you plagiarize that from, Ben?

Michael Moore isn't fat... he's big boned!

Augustine (I'm anonymous now!) said...

I didn't was my editors! See, you wicked liberals believe everything you read in the MSM. I only believe what my mommy taught me during home schooling.

God Bless America. (I made that huh?)

JPW said...

The only thing your mommy taught you when you were home schooled was Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V.

I'm applying for a job at the WaPo online and I'm submitting as my original work something I've titled "A Seaman and a Big White Whale". Took me FOREVER to cop... er, I mean, write that one. Hope they like it!

j. brady said...

Hey, JPW, stop picking on my buddy, Ben. His daddy is very important. Boss Lady Katherine told me so.

How do I publish this comment? Is this like that email thing? And what the hell is Google?? I hate these damned internets

dsfkladjkfj asdd

JPW said...

Hey, I'm just going on what Debbie Howell told us about Bennie in the staff meeting. "It's a fucking disaster".

The internets can be confusing sometime, huh? You can read about Google in John 3:16. Check it out!

j. brady said...

Hey, who you gonna believe-- me or lil' Debbie? Tough fucking choice, huh?

Hey, I just had a great idea. I'm gonna hire Bob Woodward as our new conservative blogger!! Bob certainly meets the basic criteria: he's a GOP shill and he lies to his editors.

Sometimes this job is too easy.