Friday, March 24, 2006

DBT Week in Review - 3/17- 3-24

Today is Patterson's Birthday! Happy Birthday, PHood!!!

A Blessing and a Curse was released on March 20 in Europe.
If you can't wait til April 18th click here to order.

First European Review:
5 out of 5 stars Hot, Blue and Righteous, March 11, 2006

Reviewer: bucephalas67 from Manchester, England
This band, this album, are the reason you will have your faith restored in live music. If you havent seen them live I suggest you do so at the first opportunity.Raw, emotional music of this genre just doesnt get any better. Their last album "The Dirty south" showcased a band at their creative zenith, but fortunately for ourselves they have excelled themselves again. A remarkable set of songs, beautifully crafted, contemporary yet authentic, with a production as raw as a hogs ass, how can you put into words what will be considered in the future to be a classic album with absolutely no peers ?.After hearing this cd you will be in love with the band and WILL gladly die for them. Forget about those end of year lists,I shit you not. All bets are off, this is album of the year already and were only just into March.
Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: "By Patterson Hood,
The danger of becoming a mythological musical artist is that people spend more time talking about the mythology than listening to the music. Truly, few bands have ever been as beloved and successful -- and mythological -- as Lynyrd Skynyrd, yet here it is, 2006, and they're only now being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -- nearly a decade after their eligibility."
"Amy" from the Yahoo group turns us on to this DBT article:
Drive-By Truckers Ready To Rock On Tour

Jason Isbell sends us a note regarding a friend with MS:

Hey everybody. Hope you're all doing well, and I appreciate the support ya'll are showing while we're getting ready to release the new record. We'll be in your town soon. I wanted to mention something dear to my heart and maybe round up some help for some good people. A friend of mine from here in North Alabama has Multiple Sclerosis and he's heading up a team to participate in a n MS walk-a- thon soon. If you know anyone with this disease, it can be a real sonofabitch. If you have any extra laying around, please make a donation to their cause by going to the website below. Thanks.

Jason Isbell

DBTJenn hooks us up with a great DBT contest:

Okay, on to the GREAT news: the new DBT record, A Blessing and a Curse, is going on pre-sale on the DBT Merch site TODAY. And get this - every pre-order comes with an entry into a little contest we're having, where YOU can WIN A DATE WITH DBT!

That's right! One lucky winner will get to take 3 of their friends with them to a show of their choice (transportation to and from show is winner's responsibility). Once at the show, you will be given backstage passes and get to meet and hang out with the band, get stuff signed, and generally get the rock star treatment for the evening! Isn't that sweet? Oh, it'll be so much fun if you win!

10 runner ups will receive a copy of the booklet from A Blessing And A Curse autographed by the band. Not too shabby... now go pre-order that album!

That's all I've got for now, folks. Keep it between the lines...

While checking out what folks are saying on the various boards about DBT I found these folks who have been chatting about the band for a few years now.

A Stones Board
set aside some time to talk about DBT, too.

It ain't Carl Perkins' but someone in Florence just sold Johnny Cash's Caddy. (Mr. Phillips didn't but if for him, though).

Car-selling blues
"Killian is a huge Johnny Cash fan, but he decided to put the Cadillac up for auction on the heels of the success of the 'Walk the Line' movie, which is about Cash's life."
I'm always interested on how people are finding my blog. Here are some of the searched terms used over the past week that directed folks to AAW. People sure are looking to get laid in Alabama:
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how alabama got its name
Donelle Cooley from the Yahoo Board turns us on to a poet/singer/artist named John Trudell. He's recently released a documentary.

If you didn't know it already, Patterson and Cooley have a love child. Here is a picture of Papa Patterson, home from a hard days work, and doting mama Cooley takin' care of the new baby:

Off course, Wild Auntie Shonna comes over and proceeds to drink the baby:

Drink the baby! Don't drink the baby!! Actually, the picture of the band above came from a Georgia Music Magazine article. Mark Merritt was kind enough to send me a copy of the magazine and that picture is one of my favorites. The article is out of sight, too! Thanks, Mark!

The Pa Patterson and Ma Cooley pic came from a back door site. Tune in next week and I'll show you were it is. It's got a ton of great archive DBT stuff such as this classic Jason Isbell quiz. Feel free to try your hand at the answers in the comments:

Jason: Okay kids... Let's see how much you know about bad music and my own personal guilty pleasures. 10 questions and you gotta get 'em all right to win. Whoever does it first gets a one-of-a-kind redneck hat with a damn largemouth bass cross-stitched on the front. No joke. Here we go:

1. This one's a two-parter: Who sang that oh so dramatic backup part on Christopher Cross' big-tittied hit "Ride Like the Wind?" AND who played the guitar solo?

2. Who wrote "Achy Breaky Heart?" His daughter's hot.

3. Which of the nominees for NuSkin male lotion's 2003 "man of the year" wrote the 90's crossover smash "I Swear?"

4. Mister Mister had two big hits. One was "Take These Broken Wings." What was the name of the other one (spelling counts)?

5. What the hell does that mean? (See #4)

6. What was the name of the abominable record Cher made in Muscle Shoals (actually Sheffield)?

7. Which STYX tour introduced the world to Mr. Roboto?

8. Name the record by Glass Tiger that featured such hits as "Someday" and "Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)."

9. Another two parter: Which bad song by America was sampled in which guilty pleasure by Janet Jackson?

10. In the Meat Loaf classic "I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)" what exactly would he not do?

That's it for this week, kiddies. Tune in next Friday.


Jenn said...

Funny, you found the back door site. That picture of Cooley, P & Jack is from right before Cooley's firs son was born, and Cooley was showing us how he'd been practicing for the new baby.

JPW said...

He already looks like a pro. Baby Jack... why didn't I think of that?

JPW said...

I'm going to answer #7 from Jason's quiz as that was the very first concert I attended in 1983. Front row and I caught a pick from the bass player. (I'm not counting the Shaun Cassidy concert I was drug to with my sister and parents. Luckily I was young enough to sleep right through it so no permanent damage occured).

The answer is "Kilroy Was Here"

Anonymous said...

I was going to ask where the "Baby Jack" pic came from because I didnt think it was up on the internets...and I don't know nothing about no back door sites (nor about birthin no babies ;) )

goes to show you never can tell...