Tuesday, May 23, 2006

McCain/Christian Right likes to Bully Girls

Before I launch into why John McCain is the biggest, arrogant piece of shit facing the electorate today, let me take a moment to spotlight one of Alabama's own:

One of Alabama's finest, Ava Lowery, bless her little heart, has created a website called Peace Takes Courage. She has produced videos opposing the war in Iraq and uses the ACTUAL teachings of Jesus as her guide. A good chunk of the country needs to look at the work of this teenager and learn how to be a REAL Christian.

For taking her stand, she is receiving death threats. Give her some love:

Peace Takes Courage - 15-yr-old gets death threats for anti-war video
"It seems that a young woman by the name of Ava Lowery, a 15-year-old from Alabama has been getting death threats for a powerful video she produced called 'WWJD' (What Would Jesus Do), a powerful animation that features a soundtrack of a child singing 'Jesus loves me, this I know' while one picture after another of a wounded, bloody, or screaming Iraqi child fills the screen. The video ends with quotations from Beatitudes, including, 'Blessed are they who mourn' and 'Blessed are the meek' and 'Blessed are the merciful' and 'Blessed are the peacemakers.'

Lowery began producing her own videos for her web site in July of 2005 and has thusfar made 70 of them. Not everyone agrees with her, as you might figure, especially the terrorist wing of the Republican party. You see, Ava has been receiving vile death threats.
If you haven't heard, McCain recently spoke at the graduation commencement of the New School. While there, a graduating student kindly handed Mr. McCain his ass back to him after she tore it off:

McCain Gets His Ass Handed to Him:
"'Senator McCain will also tell us about his strong-headed self-assuredness in his youth, which prevented him from hearing the ideas of others, and in so doing he will imply that those of us who are young are too na�ve to have valid opinions.

'I am young, and although I don't profess to possess the wisdom that time affords us, I do know that pre-emptive war is dangerous and wrong,' she said."
The student in question is Jean Rohe. She made quite the sensation and after the speech explained her actions:

Jean Rohe: Why I Spoke Up

Just a regular gal who stood up for what she believed.

One of McCain's minions decided to bash her and bash her good:

Top McCain Aide Insults Entire College Graduating Class...

Takes a big man to insult a bunch of kids. Jean ain't backing down, though:

Jean Rohe: Response to McCain's Aide Mark Salter:
"Please don't try to bully me anymore"
I thinking of doing this myself so hacks like Bill Frist can't look at a video tape and diagnose me as a vibrant human being that should be kept on life support when 3/4 of my brain is missing. I don't want to be no Terri Schiavo:

Woman Gets 'Do Not Resuscitate' Tattoo:
"Mary Wohlford has made it perfectly clear what her final wishes are: it's written in ink — on her chest. Wohlford, 80, had the words 'DO NOT RESUSCITATE' tattooed on her chest in February.

Wohlford hopes she's made her wishes perfectly clear should she become incapacitated. She also has a living will hanging on the side of her refrigerator."

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davyproctorboy said...

Excellent postings. I have never comprehended how blanatly immoral liars like McCain, Powell, Reagan, etc. approach some sort of mythical sainthood in the media.