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DBT Week in Review - 7/14/06

FREE 'OSCAR' AND 'SIRENS' or I WANT MY DBT (solo albums)

In an attempt to have our (the fans of DBT) voices heard by New West Records, folks on the Yahoo Group have brain stormed the idea of a petition asking New West to Free 'Oscar' and 'Sirens'.

Murdering Oscar and Other Love Songs and Sirens of the Ditch are Patterson and Jason's solo albums that are sitting on a shelf collecting dust "for no goddamn, good reason". (well, i'm sure they have their reasons and they may think their reasons are good). The suits at New West need to know that we'll buy both albums in droves and promote it, virally, better than they ever could (*cough* stupid video game *cough* *cough*) if they would just put it on the shelves.

In no way is the band or those who work for the band associated with this petition. This is purely a fan driven petition that speaks to the netroots and people powered activism that is budding in the political and corporate arenas across the U.S. of A. Yee-fucking-haw!

So, sign the petition and pass it around. Stength in numbers and all that. Get it to our European friends who love DBT. Have your infant child sign it as they are the future of DBT album purchases.

Once we've collected enough signatures I'll send the petition to New West electronically and via snail mail.

My goal is to collect 1000 signatures.

Sign it and let your voice be heard! FREE 'OSCAR' AND 'SIRENS'!

Below is the url for the petition if you'd like to copy and paste it into your own email. (check the number in the petition url. Notice anything?)

Next topic:

I've been listening and watching Jason's video of Dress Blues, daily, for about a week. Each listen/watch cuts a little deeper into my heart and it makes me proud, mad and very sad all at the same time. I wanted to learn more about Matt Conley so I went to the web.

As I have expressed before I am not anti-war. I am, however, anti-this-war. I believe we had every right to go into Afganistan but Iraq should never of happened. I fault the President and his administration and I fault the members of both parties, Republican and Democrat, in Congress who enabled this unnecessary war. I will ALWAYS be supportive of our troops and I will viciously attack ANYONE who claims that my opposition to a war equals opposition to our troops.

Matthew Conley was a Marine, a son, a friend, a leader, an Alabamian, and an American. He embodies all that is good about the American spirit. Learn about him. Honor him. Honor all of our troops. Let's make sure from this point forward that our most precious resource is used wisely.

"He was a Marine". - Special Reports
Cpl. Matthew D. Conley

Age: 21

Killen, Alabama

Weapons Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, 1st Marine Expeditionary Force

Killed when his vehicle was attacked by a homemade device during combat operations in Ramadi, Iraq, on February 18, 2006
Honor the fallen: Marine Cpl. Matthew D. Conley
Conley, 21, graduated from Rogers High School in 2002, where he was quarterback of the football team. He was a squad leader for the 37th Weaponry Division of the Marine Corps, stationed at Twentynine Palms, Calif., and had been in Iraq since September 2005.

He was a passenger in the Humvee, training the soldier who was to take his place when he returned home. Conley was killed when the vehicle hit an improvised explosive device.
Here is a video that includes some footage of this American hero.

"Nobody here could forget you. You showed us what we have to lose."

Sign the quest book to show your rememberance of Cpl. Matthew Conley

Guest Book - Cpl. Matthew D. Conley

Thank you, Cpl. Matthew D. Conley!

Jayne from the Yahoo Group has been on fire with finding DBT articles online. Here is a collection from the past week.

Jaynes Corner:

Not in Athens Anymore:
A Blessing and A Curse, indeed. The title of the latest Drive-By Truckers album is more prophetic than perhaps even they intended. The quintet snagged the opening slot on the Black Crowes’ summer amphitheater tour, a plum gig for a band that could use the exposure. "

The blessing? Opening for the Black Crowes, outgrowing the club circuit at last and finally reaching an audience beyond the “y’all-ternative” crowd that’s firmly embraced them.
So if the Black Crowes circa 2006 want to prove that they belong on any stage outside motorcycle rallies and state fairs, they need Drive-By Truckers way more than Drive-By Truckers need them.
Patterson talks about Prince in Paste Magazine.

Both Ernie and Jayne informed us of the online DBT show that will be hosted by NPR this weekend:

dbts : Message: NPR Interview Show:
"Hey folks, just swapped messages with a long time friend of mine that hosts a show called 'All Things Considered' on NPR. She is taping an interview program with the band on Friday up there in DC. It will air sometime over the weekend. She is supposed to be sending me the schedule for the broadcast time. I'll post it as soon as she does.
Check out The Day Jobs, a blog that Jayne contributes to, for more info on the NPR show:

DBT on NPR this weekend

Kyle from the Yahoo Group turned us on to a video of The Drams on YouTube:

YouTube - The Drams perform 'Unhinged' live at Stubb's in Austin, TX

Check out Tom Petty's new single:

Tom Petty -Saving Grace

.357 on Nine Bullets posted this quite a while back and I'm just getting around to highlighting on AAW. It is the official report on Skynyrd's plane crash. Interesting document. Check it out.

Till next week.

Sign the petition!

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townser said...

Just signed the petition. I am not sure what the sales numbers were behind Pizza Deliverence and Gangstabilly after the re-release, but you would think it would provide some motivation for the folks at New West. I have never been able to fully grasp the whole artist vs. record company dynamic, and the more I dwell on it the more frustrated I get.

Also, I grabbed that Drams show off of etree and it is good. Highly recommended.