Thursday, July 13, 2006

You gotta fight, for your right, to Voooooote

When Mother Nature finally shakes us off her coat like a flea (and, eventually, she will) at least we know we'll get to see some spectacluar imagery before we're cast off.

Incredible pictures: the moment lightning shared the sky with a rainbow:
"When a rainbow formed in the sky people stopped and stared at the natural wonder.

But then lightning sparked across the evening panorama as two of nature's most spectacular phenomenon created an unusual alliance.

The clash of weather was seen above the affluent city of Fort Smith, in the Southern state Arkansas"
File this under "of course they did". Voting is a pesky gnat to the Republicans.

Republicans break deal with Democrats to Protect Voters' Rights:
"A previously agreed upon deal between Democrats and Republicans to renew the Voting Rights Act has been broken by GOP leaders, today's issue of ROLL CALL is reporting. Despite a prior agreement, leaders in the House have agreed to consideration of amendments, stepping away from a deal that had been arrived at during negotiation to renew the Voting Rights Act without any major changes."
These sick, fucking christian, bigoted, twisted mindless.... I'm spitting at my screen I'm so incensed by this. A goddamn Baptist pastor equating Ken Lay to James Byrd. Simply no shame in these fucktards. What a fucked up religion. He was a GODDAMN CROOK WHO RUINED THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF LIVES. Burn in Hell, Lay, burn in Hell. You too, Lawson, you false fucking prophet:

Lay praised by family and friends:
"Rev. William Lawson, pastor emeritus of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church."
Lawson likened Lay to James Byrd, a black man who was dragged to death in a racially motivated murder near Jasper eight years ago.

"Ken Lay was neither black nor poor, as James Byrd was, but I'm angry because Ken was the victim of a lynching," said Lawson, who predicted that history will vindicate Lay.

Today in history - July 13 :

"In 1985, 'Live Aid,' an international rock concert in London, Philadelphia, Moscow and Sydney, took place to raise money for Africa's starving people."

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