Monday, August 21, 2006

Dead People, Cats with Grills, and Bubble Boys

Before we get started with what some might call the "news" I'd like to tip my foh-ty and pour some of my malt onto the ground for a grand ol' business that shutting down in Florence, Al after 94 years:

Florence Lumber Co. closing down after 94 years| Times Daily | Florence, AL

I grew up with Uhland Otis "Rooter-moter-moter-moter-mouth" Redd IV. The FLC was UU-4 daddy's store and his daddy before and daddy's before. 4 generations of lumber sales and "a loaded burglar alarm".


He sees dead people... and pink elephants... and riders in the storm..... and....

Actor Osment faces pot, drunken driving charges:
"LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Prosecutors on Thursday charged Oscar-nominated actor Haley Joel Osment, who famously saw dead people in 1999 hit movie 'The Sixth Sense,' with drunken driving and marijuana possession."

Illegal wiretapping is unconstitutional. Watch the neocons smear the ever living shit out of this judge.

The Illegal pResident:
"DETROIT (AP) -- A federal judge ruled Thursday that the government's warrantless wiretapping program is unconstitutional and ordered an immediate halt to it.

U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor in Detroit became the first judge to strike down the National Security Agency's program, which she says violates the rights to free speech and privacy as well as the separation of powers enshrined in the Constitution.
Now watch a real American rip into the Felon in Chief:

Cafferty on NSA


Bubble Boy:

News on President George W Bush and the Bush Administration:
"The White House made a big to-do about President Bush's meeting Monday with four outside experts on Iraq. Spokesman Tony Snow held the meeting up as proof that the president is interested in -- and consistently exposed to -- different points of view, and even dissent.

But the only thing that meeting demonstrated is that true dissent is still not welcome at the White House, unless you define dissenters as anyone who doesn't agree with the president on absolutely everything.

By all independent accounts, none of the academics who were granted an audience with the president Monday criticized his fundamental approach to Iraq. At most, they suggested minor course corrections.

And none of them told him what he evidently refuses to hear: That it's not working.

I've written a fair amount about the Bush Bubble over the past nearly three years. And it seems to me that, with a tiny handful of exceptions, the bubble is still fully operational."

Alablwag has pointed me to my next job:

Forget Universal Health Insurance


He-he-hell yeah! Meow, motherfucker!!

Sebastian the Cat Gets 'Grilled':
"This cool cat has traded in his catnip for some bling. Sebastian, a one-year-old Persian with long black hair, sports gold crowns on his two bottom canines, which grew sticking out from his lips in an underbite similar to a bulldog's."


Anonymous said...

I would not say that someone should be telling Bush that it is not working. By my moral standards, someone whould be telling Bush that it should not have worked. To me that is the point. This murderous, barbarous, illegal, immoral invasion and occupation should never have happened. That's the main point. It should never happen again. So many lives were/will be lost and destroyed for power over money, oil, establishing permanent military bases, and positioning to attack other neighboring countries. The best thing that could have happened would have been for the U.S. to have lost the war quickly. To get into/fall for the latest lie/excuse for the war (democracy) is to fall into the old bait and switch and lose sight of the true meaning and consequences of such a sick world outlook.

AAW said...

Davy, I agree... bad war, money and oil, etc.

But you're missing the point of the post... There is a cat with a GOLD GRILL! Gold toofuses!

There is hope.

Anonymous said...
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