Thursday, August 17, 2006

Too Close to Home

Holy Shit! When the JonBenet story broke yesterday, I gave it nary a second of my attention as I believe that the over coverage of such tragedies by the MSM is sensational and unworthy of 24 hour news cycles. Local stories should be covered by the local news, not made into national peep shows.

However, I did ruefully chastise myself for believing that the parents were the culprits of this crime. A good reminder to never, ever be influenced by the MSM.

I had no intention of blogging this story until this morning when I checked out my hometown newspaper online:

Man arrested in Ramsey slaying was UNA student ||Florence, AL:
"FLORENCE -- The man being held in Thailand in connection with the 1996 slaying of JonBenet Ramsey was formerly enrolled in the elementary education degree program at the University of North Alabama, school officials said Wednesday.

John Mark Karr did not earn a degree from UNA but was a student-teacher at Kilby Laboratory School in Florence in January 2000, just over three years after the 6-year-old beauty queen from Boulder, Colo., was killed."
I attended both UNA and am a graduate of Kilby Laboratory School.

Too weird, and too close to Home.

Update: Then again, he could be full of shit and just seeking attention. Innocent until proven guilty, innocent until proven guilty......

Crap. Poo. Shite. Excrement. Shit.

"John Prescott has given vent to his private feelings about the Bush presidency, summing up George Bush's administration in a single word: crap."

Thank jeebus Abu Gonzales told me that Terrorists are in our neighborhoods: Armed with this information I went to each of my neighor's homes last night packing heat, drug them from their dinner tables at gun point, and made them empty all of the bottled liquids they keep into the sewage drain in the street. I'm a true patriot and my neighborhood is a bit safer than it was 2 days ago. Thank you for reminding me that I'm suppose to be "scared shitless of what's going down", Abu Gonzales!
"'The most dramatic change,' said Gonzales, 'is the nature of the enemy our country today faces -- a stateless enemy sometimes hidden and nurtured here in our neighborhoods, taking advantage of the very laws they mock with their killing and destruction, as a shield from detection and prosecution.'"

What a wacky world we live in. The Fake News has become the real news and the Real News has become the fake news.
(AP) The Federal Communications Commission has mailed letters to the owners of 77 television stations inquiring about their use of video news releases, a type of programming critics refer to as 'fake news.'

Video news releases are packaged news stories that usually employ actors to portray reporters who are paid by commercial or government groups.

The letters were sparked by allegations that television stations have been airing the videos as part of their news programs without telling viewers who paid for them. "

Don't they mean "human intelligent design genes indentified"? In your face jeebus freaks!

Possible key human evolution genes identified:
"LONDON (Reuters) - They could be the missing links of human genetic evolution -- areas of human DNA that changed dramatically after the evolutionary division from chimpanzees, though they had remained almost unchanged for millennia before."

This will not be pretty if it is done honestly. Of course, it will come out after the midterm elections.

Pentagon studying its war errors:
"This summer, high-level Pentagon officials ordered a pair of secret studies to pinpoint the military's failures in the two conflicts, and, according to one of the authors, ``the results won't be pretty' when the findings are produced this fall. Last week, the Defense Department invited about 50 of the nation's top counter insurgency specialists to a closed-door meeting outside Washington to critique recent operations and chart a way forward."

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