Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dissent and Disagreement

Snarky link Thursday. (or "I'm a lazy blogger, Thursday". Readers choice)

But first, a must watch. This is what journalism should be and how Democrats should respond to the crazy that is Rumsfeld and the rest. One of the greatest history lessons ever:

Lie By Lie

Real, Live Cronyism: Is there anything these Repugs can do to receive the following email?

RE: You're fired.

I guess not if voting is no longer a valid method of selecting our leaders.

It is enough to make one go bald. Luckily, science may have an answer for that.

The first time that the word 'hip' and this celebrity's name have been used in the same sentence in a LONG time.


Anonymous said...

Belated happy anniversary to my favorite blog! I wish I had known that Barry Manilow is not hip. I would have lived my last twenty-five years quite differently.

Anonymous said...

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