Friday, September 01, 2006

Pity the Bully

Short one today as I prepare for the Tide and my birthday this weekend. Gotta love these long weekends. You can make them even longer if you just happen to get sick *cough* *cough* on Friday and just can't seem to make it into work.

WANTED: Bullyish Frat Boy President Seeks Pity, Sympathyt:
"His artificial cowboy persona is beginning to peel away revealing the naked hull of the real President Bush -- a man we all knew lurked in the shallows. A frat boy bully who, as a failed chief executive, is presently seeking, if not outright begging us for our pity.

A truly tough human being, in my view, is measured by his or her ability to approach his or her station in life with honesty, moxy, sympathy, common sense and a touch of humble grace. But our president possesses none of these traits. Rather than owning up to his six year litany of mistakes and shortcomings and taking on his occupation with a kind of work ethic common in all nations and all walks of life, the president, appearing increasingly battered and bruised, is engaged in a sad and embarrassing attempt to attain the nation's sympathy. Listen carefully to his words and watch closely his body language. He's doing it. And it's a posture that's been snowballing for several years now."

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