Friday, August 04, 2006

Electric Bees

We need a leader with vision to silence BigOil/BigAuto and set forth a short term plan to rid ourselves of oil based energy. Just like when we went to the moon. Any body that says we can't do it in a decade is an America Hater. Why to they hate America so?

How much has Big Auto lied? Take a drive in this four-wheel electric orgasm, and find out:
"It's called the Tesla Roadster....

That's right, it's not a prototype. Not some eccentric inventor's crazy basement fantasy. It's a real car. Street legal, drivable, gorgeous, available soon. The Tesla guys have already earned their share of press, given how they managed to wrangle millions in backing from the Google boys (among others). Rumor has it that the Guvernator himself, after going for a test drive during last week's press day, has already placed his order for one of the little luxo speedsters, presumably to feed to his fleet of rabid Hummers.

Did I mention the Roadster costs about 80K? Who cares? The price is irrelevant. The fact that this car even exists in such a pure and obvious and performance-oriented form, does. Simply put, it is the most flagrant proof yet that we have been brutally, savagely misled.

See, they lie. And they've been lying for years, decades. They lie about how difficult it is to replace the internal combustion engine. They lie about how unfeasible it is to eliminate auto emissions without sacrificing real performance (the 130-mph Roadster's lithium-ion battery system is estimated to be twice as efficient as a Prius and three times as efficient as a hydrogen fuel cell. Not to mention Tesla's fabulous solar option).
I'd like to start lobbying for a "Tell your boss to 'Fuck Off' day". We can call it "Patriot's Day".

Why the Brain Needs a Break :
"Working more than 48 hours a week doubles the load of stress. It puts one on course for heart disease.

Robinson is quick to insist that the belief that Europeans are lazy is nothing but a convenient myth. 'The fact is, they get more done in less time. Four European countries are more efficient and productive than the U.S.--Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Norway. Companies in those countries employ management techniques that make longer vacations work.'

By contrast, in the U.S., 'managers have an irrational fear that they need people in all those chairs all the time or everything will fall apart,' says Robinson. And overtime is often unproductive because it is conducted by fatigued brains. Many studies show that most Americans are chronically running on too little sleep.

'If you work seven 50-hour weeks in a row you don't get more done than in seven 40-hour weeks,' says Robinson. 'Overtime is not productive and fatigue seeps into the regular work time.'"
Insult to injury:

Teen Crashes Into Tree Full of Bees:
"A teenage driver crashed into a hollow tree and stirred up tens of thousands of angry honey bees, creating a swarm that sent her and nine others to the hospital."

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