Monday, August 14, 2006

Let's Cut the Bullshit

Soda commercials are reading the Lipton tea leaves and fortelling our terrified future. I may be a Pepper and you may be a Pepper but that bottle of Evian, once the Tab is pulled, doesn't have any intention of being a Pepper too. Evian is part of a sleeper cell that includes Diet Coke and Mentos. Deadly killers, all three....

TIME: When terror imitates the soda commercial:
"An article at notes that a soft drink commercial that mockingly depicts airport security agents confiscating a passenger's soda just so they can drink it themselves can still be seen on cable televison, and, in light of recent events, even the 'normally irony-aware people at The Daily Show' haven't tried 'stopping' it, RAW STORY has found."
Oh, please, yes, let's cut the bullshit, shall we?

Let's Cut the Bullshit
"The one thing that the Democratic Party and even some liberals will not say is this: Bush and Cheney are losing the war on terror and have no hope of winning it."
Al Qaeda is some motherfuckers in a cave and halfwit wannabe James Bonds..... To compare them to massive industrial societies with the power to conquer a continent is desperately sad.

If the enemy is so evil, where is the draft, where is the tax hikes to fight this war?
Operation Yellow Elephant revealed the future of the GOP to be soulless fucking cowards, one and all. Ask them to enlist, they would rather suck dicks in San Quentin first. They want no part of the war they cheer on.
Cut and run? Shit, the people bitching about this have no stake in either.... We need to get out of Iraq, yesterday. The Iraqis can choose to kill each other or not, but it is their choice, not ours. Pretending otherwise gets more people killed.
We don't need no explosive detection technology. That's for pussies who support Al Queda.

Bush staff wanted bomb-detect cash moved:
"WASHINGTON - While the British terror suspects were hatching their plot, the Bush administration was quietly seeking permission to divert $6 million that was supposed to be spent this year developing new homeland explosives detection technology."
This should be terribly obvious to all, but, unfortunately it isn't so here's the Republican playbook on their recent politicization of terror.
Some pretty good editorials are appearing across the land:

Fayetteville, NC Editorial:
"Something else verges on terrifying too. The reactions by some of our politicians were a chilling reminder of their willingness to use our fear to further their own agenda.

The terrorists aren’t attacking one political party. They are attacking all of us. Politicians can, and should, debate our strategy against terrorists and the course of the war in Iraq. But questioning each other’s patriotism or resolve against terrorists should be out of bounds. It is unnecessary and divisive. And it is, quite simply, a diversionary tactic. Members of both parties have repeatedly shown by their votes strong support for the war against terror."

"THESE PEOPLE have no shame. Their contempt for democracy is so great they will stop at nothing to undermine it. Their adherence to fundamentalist beliefs that blinds them to reality is frightening. They must be stopped.

And that's just the Republicans.

Let's start with Vice President Dick Cheney."
Wheeler over at Alablawg is READING the Bible again, instead of actually FEELING the Bible... in your gut, like a good christian solider is suppose to. Reading the Bible is not for Fundamentalist:

Do The Right Thing:
If you are going to argue that public policy ought to be based on the Bible, at least have the integrity to apply the whole thing, rather than just those parts that accord with your own prejudices.

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