Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Stranger

Bush finally said "fuck it" and kicked the press completely out of the White House. At least he's not pretending anymore.

Press corps moves outside White House:
"WASHINGTON - The White House press corps took up residence Monday outside the iron-gated presidential compound for the first time in more than 100 years to make way for repairs on their well-worn quarters."
Cheney always goes to far. He's like that bad drunk acquaintance at a party that you KNOW is going to say something really inappropriate that'll spoil the mood for the rest of the evening. Hey, nobody got shot in the face this time, so, there's something.

Did Cheney Go Too Far?:
"By insinuating that the sizeable majority of American voters who oppose the war in Iraq are aiding and abetting the enemy, Vice President Cheney on Wednesday may have crossed the line that separates legitimate political discourse from hysteria."
"You were young and your heart was an open book..... But in this ever changing world in which we live in...."

Daily Kos: Live Dead or Die:
"That's what a true American patriot would do: Live dead or die."

U.S. Lags World in Grasp of Genetics and Acceptance of Evolution:
"A comparison of peoples' views in 34 countries finds that the United States ranks near the bottom when it comes to public acceptance of evolution. Only Turkey ranked lower.

Among the factors contributing to America's low score are poor understanding of biology, especially genetics, the politicization of science and the literal interpretation of the Bible by a small but vocal group of American Christians, the researchers say.

“American Protestantism is more fundamentalist than anybody except perhaps the Islamic fundamentalist, which is why Turkey and we are so close,” said study co-author Jon Miller of Michigan State University."
The only reason he picked it up was because he thought it was about a man who sat on his hand until it fell asleep then used that hand to masturbate. That, or he thought it was about cows. Probably the first scenario, though. Now, he's asking around if there is a book called "Dirty Sanchez".

Why is George Bush reading Camus?:
"On his summer vacation in Crawford, Texas, George Bush read Albert Camus' novel The Stranger."
My ass he read Camus. He can't even pronounce "Camus".
Here's one to ruin your day..... You're welcome.

60 Puppies Perish in Mass. Trailer Fire:
"A trailer carrying dozens of puppies to Northeast pet stores caught fire just off an interstate, killing all of the estimated 60 dogs inside, authorities said."
Not to worry, though, folks. These 60 puppies had to die in order to bring democracy to the Middle East.


Anonymous said...

Check out the headlines on CNN.com. They make me sick...Brittney belches and 60 dead puppies. Too hot for Clinton's Birthday Bash (could it really be too hot for Clinton party?! Strippers and bikinis? Whoever wrote this crap..obviously wasn't thinking). It is almost ripped right out of the fucking National Enquirer. Disgusting. All they need now is to just throw in an alien abduction for shits and giggles. The country would buy it....something like Alien Abduction: Brittney belches and sets fire to semi killing 60 puppies at Clinton Birthday bash!(Notice there is no substance to the Alien abduction part...just the mere mention of it sells!)
Let's run with that!
Jesus, Jello and Mashed Potatoes

AAW said...

Amen, Fugere, Amen. I spoke with my 86 y.o. gradfather this weekend. Think crotchity old man, cubed. He, himself stated that he no longers watches any televised news programs (fox, cnn, even local news) due to the utter absence of objective reporting or substance reporting. He and I don't agree on much politically but we agree on never, ever watching cable news for information.

Jaraparilla said...

With regard to "L'Etranger", apparently Bush said it was a "quick read".

My take HERE.

"In his early twenties, Camus was expelled from the Algerian Communist Party because he supported the nationalist aspirations of down-trodden native Algerians. At the same age, George W. Bush was busy going AWOL from the National Guard.

In his early thirties, Camus wrote and edited Combat, the underground newspaper of the French Resistance in WWII. By this time, Camus was already becoming famous beyond the intellectual classes. At the same age, George W. Bush was busy snorting cocaine and being arrested for DUI.

In his early forties, during the Algerian War of Independence, Camus argued for peaceful coexistence and called for a truce to spare civilians, which both warring sides regarded as foolish. He worked clandestinely for imprisoned Algerians facing the death penalty..."

AAW said...

Nice take, ghandi. Quick read b/c there weren't any pictures.