Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mash Potatoes and Cranberry Sauce....

Again. Do not use electronic voting machines if you want you vot to count. Us a professional ballot or vote in absentee. While prospect look good for Democrats to regain the House, the Republicans are poised, yet again, to steal several elections. Sigh.

As someone said the other day, "Why would you use a computer running Windows to vote on?"

Princeton prof hacks e-vote machine:
"TRENTON, N.J. - A Princeton University computer science professor added new fuel Wednesday to claims that electronic voting machines used across much of the country are vulnerable to hacking that could alter vote totals or disable machines."

A real Texan and a real American:

Former Texas Governor, Activist Ann Richards, 73 :
"Two years before she was elected governor of Texas, Ann Richards electrified the 1988 Democratic National Convention with a keynote speech in which she joked that the Republican presidential nominee, George H.W. Bush, had been 'born with a silver foot in his mouth.'"
A fake Texan and a fake christian.... but one scary motherfucker. It must be election time. Time to scare up the christians. End Days! End Days! 2nd Coming! 2nd Coming! 9/11! 9/11! Vote Republican!

Bush Tells Group He Sees a 'Third Awakening' :
"President Bush said yesterday that he senses a 'Third Awakening' of religious devotion in the United States that has coincided with the nation's struggle with international terrorists, a war that he depicted as 'a confrontation between good and evil.'"

Best. Video. Ever.


Gillooly.... Football Style:

Backup punter may have stabbed starter:
"'I guess the only identified motive (in the attack on Mendoza) at this point in time is the competition for that position,' Evans police Lt. Gary Kessler said."

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