Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Willie's Breakfast

Normally, I'd shun anything O'Lielly or Ann Voulture or any of the neocon mouthpieces that spew hate and misinformation as unworthy of even a mention on this blog. However, Media Matters has come up with a new imbed that highlight the lies. First up is Mr. Loofah and his lie that he "doesn't do personal attacks". Watch.

This week, Willie Nelson, whom Donald Rumsfeld calls the 'number two man in al-Qaeda' - was the victim of a pointless search that revealed he had with him a mere pound and a half of marijuana and a fifth of a pound of psychedelic mushrooms - or as Willie calls it, breakfast."

Bush can't read

And look at the denials of responsibility (a hallmark of the Republican group think) from the lady supposedly teaching Bush to read. Shocking.
Spellings said the problems happened in the early days of the program, which began in 2002, before she was secretary.

Spellings, who became secretary in 2005, said she is not aware of any effort to favor certain reading programs.

"I'm doing everything I can at this point," she said. "I can't undo what's been done."

They are not fucking around with the Chinese version of "The Apprentice". I hear that if you lose they torture your family..... No, wait, that's the next version of the U.S.'s "The Apprentice". My bad.

China takes on local version of "The Apprentice":
"A Chinese version of the hit reality series 'The Apprentice' is in the works, although details of the project are shrouded in secrecy."

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