Monday, October 30, 2006

Jeff Sessions hates babies and black Jeebuses

Senator Jeff (Jimmy) Sessions (R-AL) hates babies. He wants to prevent babies from being created and he wants Alabama to be the baby prevention capitol of the world. His pro-death, anti-baby position will allow Alabamians to earn silver pieces for their production of baby batter blocking devices but will also, most assuredly, earn those same Alabamians a special place in Hell. It is hard to spend those silver pieces when they keep melting in your hand.

Sessions is quoted as saying, "They only fertilizin' gonna be happenin' 'round he-ah is when the cow shit hits the ground. Now y'all excuse me, I've got the blood of twenty white babies waitin' on me for lunch." (Sessions may or may not of said these actual words. We just can't prove that he didn't).

....Damn, it's a little too easy to write fecal slinging, made-up commentary like a Republican. I gotta go take another bath, now.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) Condom King:
"But Senator Jeff Sessions, Republican of Alabama, has quietly pressed to maintain the unqualified priority for American-made condoms and is likely to prevail if the past is any guide."

Cool! AAW joined this campaign last week. Check out the post.

"You turn me out, you turn me on, you turned me loose
Then you turn me wrong.

You dropped a (Google) bomb on me, baby...."

The Gap Band Rocks

A New Campaign Tactic: Manipulating Google Data - New York Times:
Fifty or so other Republican candidates have also been made targets in a sophisticated “Google bombing” campaign intended to game the search engine’s ranking algorithms. By flooding the Web with references to the candidates and repeatedly cross-linking to specific articles and sites on the Web, it is possible to take advantage of Google’s formula and force those articles to the top of the list of search results.

The project was originally aimed at 70 Republican candidates but was scaled back to roughly 50 because Chris Bowers, who conceived it, thought some of the negative articles too partisan.

The articles to be used “had to come from news sources that would be widely trusted in the given district,” said Mr. Bowers, a contributor at (Direct Democracy), a liberal group blog. “We wanted actual news reports so it would be clear that we weren’t making anything up.”

This sucks ass. I'm not naive.... In the back of my mind I knew this shit was happening all along.... It still pisses me off. I guess the only answer is to lie on every form you fill out for anything. Annual income: 2 Billion Dollars!

California shoppers, Schwarzenegger is watching you:
"LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Gin or vodka? Ford or BMW? Perrier or Fiji water? Does the car you buy or what's in your fridge say anything about how you'll vote?

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's campaign thinks so.

Employing technology honed in President Bush's 2004 victory, the Republican governor's re-election team has created a vast computer storehouse of data on personal buying habits and voter records to identify likely supporters. Campaign officials say the operation is the largest of its kind in any state, at any time.

Some strategists believe consumer information can reveal a voter's politics even better than a party label can.

'It's not where they live, it's how they live,' said Josh Ginsberg, the Schwarzenegger campaign's deputy political director."

Peace Takes Courage has a new short put together concerning the troops. Check it out:

Peace Takes Courage


Of course Jesus was black. Ain't no white person got enough coordination to walk on water.

Seriously, though, it kills me to see Jeebus represented as a fair skinned, blue eyed white man. How many fair skinned, blued eyed white men do you think lived in the Middle East 2000 years ago?

Movie News- New Film's Black Jesus Stirs Controversy:
"It is the first representation in the history of American cinema of Jesus as a black man.

'It's very important because (the film) is going to provide an image of Jesus for African-Americans that is no longer under the control of whites,' says Stephenson Humphries-Brooks, an associate professor of religious studies at New York's Hamilton College and author of 'Cinematic Savior: Hollywood's Making of the American Christ.'

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