Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dick Shreddin' - Purgin' 'Tube


Let's see.... 7 days away from a mid-term election that is trending towards the Democrats taking back the House and making a race out of the Senate.... A massive shredder is seen pulling up to VP Dick Cheney's house..... hmmmmmm.

Shredding all that evidence is hard work. Fucker:

Shreddin' With Dick


Even though it was said with tongue firmly planted in cheek, this might be the sanest thing a Republican has said in a long time.

This material killed when he tested it out at the Punchline during amateur night:

GOP candidate wants 'compulsory' gay marriage:
"Finger entered a post at The Hill's 'Congress Blog' in which he writes, '...I was recently asked my opinion on the subject of gay marriage. I think it should be not only legal but compulsory.

'I'd like to see those guys get up each morning and apologize just like us straight married guys do. Give us something in common.'"


A reason to vote for a Democrat come next Tuesday. Kick those motherfucking lobbyist out of D.C., Nancy. You... go.... girl... with your San Francisco values:

Lobbyists Won't Like What Pelosi Has in Mind:
"Odds are that lobbying in the House of Representatives is about to get harder."

Feckin' great. We're now outsourcing our past Vice Presidents.

Is there any job the Republicans won't send to another country? High Tech jobs, call-center jobs, torturing jobs, now Vice Presidents?!

Gore to advise British on global warming:
"LONDON - Unchecked global warming will devastate the world economy on the scale of the world wars and the Great Depression, a major British report said Monday.

British Treasury chief Gordon Brown, who commissioned the report, said former Vice President Al Gore, who has dedicated much time to warning of the effects of global warming, would advise the British government on climate change.

Corporate Fuckers

Everybody was cool with YouTube when it was a part of a corporate behemoth. Now that it is, everybody is pulling their stuff off.

At least TDS and TCR are now being presented in full the next day they air on the Comedy Central website. You'll need to allow a popup for their video viewer.

And The YouTube Purge Begins, Starting With Comedy Central:
"The New York Times reports today that, in prepartion for the giant Google takeover (maybe you heard about it?), YouTube has started purging clips. This time, though, it's clips we actually care about: The beloved Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert clips that whip around the internet on blogs and rack up thousands of views daily. The Times reports that Comedy Central finally got around to sending YouTube a cease and desist letter (the kind that NBC got used to sending after 'Lazy Sunday' broke)."

Walmart sucks.... in so many ways. Not good for America.

NYO - Nicholas Von Hoffman:
"Maybe people are so used to learning disturbing things about Wal-Mart that the latest news from America’s largest and most frightening corporation didn’t cause much of a ripple. There was a dearth of denunciation after The New York Times published a well-reported piece on Wal-Mart’s decision to put 40 percent of its workers on part-time and place a ceiling on what they can earn.

In addition, the giant retail chain is ordering its workers to be available for duty anytime, day or night, at its nearly 2,000 24-hour-a-day stores. The company wants to have people on tap for the evenings and weekends, when shopping is heaviest, but in the interest of complete manpower flexibility doesn’t want to provide its employees with a set work schedule. They are to be available whenever the phone rings. Since Wal-Mart has more than a million and a quarter workers, what it does has ramifications.

The havoc this must cause in families with children needs no elaboration. How do you arrange for childcare or after-school supervision if you must wait to be told when you’re going to be working? This is not a problem that Sam Walton’s five heirs are likely to face. One is safe in assuming that they can get a baby-sitter on short notice since, even after being decimated by the death tax, they have managed to salvage $75 billion for their very own, according to Forbes magazine’s latest listing of the 400 wealthiest Americans."

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