Sunday, November 19, 2006

Beautiful Girls

Special Sunday post while I'm sitting in the ATL airport waiting for my connector to B:irmingham.

Two Thoughts:

1. There's some courteous MFers in the south. I've been sweetie, sug, honey, sweetheart, dear, since I've been here (I flew Delta and the entire crew was Georgia based so I'm counting time on the plane as "here"). I'm not even gonna tell you what the pilot called me, though.

2. GODDAMN, Southern women are F-I-N-E. I've got to export one out to California. I said, GODAMN!!!

More like this throughout the week.

Update: I just realized that I'm wearing my DBT hat in the ATL. Thus, the reason that I"m getting all the "sweetie, sug, honey, sweetheart, dear, etc. BUT, it doesn't account for the lack of fine southern women throwing themselves at my feet..... Shit, from this point on I'm Cooley's (much younger) brother.


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