Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dying on Stage

A little North Alabama fall color......

....near Wilson Dam:

When you bomb in the U.S. as a comedian this is what happens:

Michael Richards, aka Kramer, spews racial slurs during stand-up

When you bomb in Iraq as a comedian this is what happens:

Comedian's Slaying Hikes Iraq Death Toll:
"Gunmen shot and killed a television comedian Monday who was famous for mocking everyone from the Iraqi government to U.S. forces to Shiite militias to Sunni insurgents."

Yet even more tragic is this:

Peter Jackson dropped from "Hobbit" film:
"LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Where is Frodo when you need him? Director Peter Jackson has been told he will not be hired to direct a movie based on J.R.R. Tolkien novel 'The Hobbit,' despite the nearly $3 billion global box office success of his 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy, according to a letter Jackson wrote to fan site TheOneRing.net."


Jez said...

I wouldn't say its tragic. I mean, Newline has every right to move on with the film if they want. Is Pete Jackson the only guy in the world who can direct a film?

Why is Pete Jackson in a lawsuit with Newline? It looks like a pretty clear cut choice to me...take your 11 Oscars and don't worry about the money from the first film and move on, or sacrifice not getting to make the Hobbit.

Business...it's not fair.

AAW said...

I agree that Newline has every right to move on especially if Jackson is money grubbing. But I got a feeling that Newline is probably the one holding the financial shaft on this deal.

But business isn't fair only if you let it be unfair.

This is hurting Newline a whole heck of a lot more than it is Jackson. Jackson is forever fused to Tolkein on screen and to have anyone else doing it.... it is just going to be a hard comparison to get over which will inevitably hurt the film.

I guess it is tragic in the sense that both parties are squabbling over cash.