Friday, November 10, 2006

DBT Week in Review - 11/10

I'm still dying so I'm slapping together bits and pieces for a DBT WIR today. I think I created a ball of seething political anger in my stomach in 2000. Over the past 6 years I've added to that seething ball. With the elections going to the good guys on Tuesday, I was finally able to release this ball but not without some bad side effects. One must suffer for the cause, though, and I'm sure that I'll start internally repairing the inevitable ulcer I had been working on. Yeah, that's what I'm going with.

Alka-Selter, in all its forms, ROCKS ya'll.

Drive-By Truckers:
Adam's House Cat Show

Remember Adam's House Cat? That's the band Patterson and Cooley had way before DBT, and they had some incredible songs. Some of the most rockin' DBT songs were once AHC songs in fact - Buttholeville and Lookout Mountain to name a couple - but there were lots of other amazing tunes that rarely see the light of day anymore.

Cooley and Patterson have only gotten together to do AHC songs 2 or 3 times since AHC broke up, but they're gonna do it again for a great cause. Sabina Hartley-Burke is the 7-year-old daughter of some old friends. Sabina was recently diagnosed with a malignant tumor on her brain stem, and of course medical costs are an incredible burden on the family. Here in the DBT camp we're all too aware of the insane problems with medical costs in this country, and doing whatever we can to help bring attention to them is important to all of us.

The benefit will be held on December 1, 2006 at Nu�i's Space in Athens, GA. It's a rare opportunity to see Adam's House Cat songs performed once again, as well as help a wonderful little girl and her family with their overwhelming medical expenses. Keep an eye on and for ticket sales and information (and please, feel free to make a donation even if you can't come!). We hope to see you all there! "

Friday Night Lights" and the Drive-By Truckers:

Please tune into NBCchannel 4at 8pm tonight for 'Friday Night Lights.'

'Friday Night Lights' - The Fall's best new series - Associated Press

Tonight'sepisode will feature the song 'Goodbye' byRazor & Tie Music
Publishing writers, the Drive-By Truckers."

RE: "Friday Night Lights" and the Drive-By Truckers:
"This is exciting.

I actually work with the Music Supervisor for Friday Night Lights on another project and I’ve been hyping up DBT to her for a long time. I got her to listen to the new record a few weeks ago and she really responded to it. So since then, every time we speak, I ask her when she’s going to get DBT on the show and she always says she’s working on it but that the producers have been keeping the music mostly hiphop.

Anyway, as soon as I saw this I spoke to her again and she was excited to say that she finally convinced those people to include the music. And according to her, tonight’s episode will include “Goodbye” and next week’s episode will have “Gravity’s Gone.” So it’s more than just a one time thing.

DBT on Air America Radio:
"I was listening to Politically Direct with David Bender on Air America Friday night, and lo and behold, he used My Sweet Annette as bumper music. I am glad to see the band getting some publicity in the progressive press!!


dbts : Message: Have you heard this?:
"Before the Drams hit the stage Saturday night, Jimmy Smith (thesoundman) was playing some interesting music. Has anyone here heard of Beatallica? Brent mentioned them through the show. These guys play Metallica style music, with Beatles style lyrics.

They cannot release the music officially. It seems that though Metallica is ok with the concept, the current owner of the Beatles catalog is against it. So, since it can't officially be released, they
are allowing free downloads on their website. It was highly recommended by Brent, FWIW.


dbts : Message: No dbt Just a happy ending:
"Whatup yawl!
I've been kind of hiding from the list lately with to much work and yahoo fucking up and all. Anyway something happened at work the other day that was pretty cool and I just wanted to share. Seems a puppy got stuck in a sewer pipe and some co-workers had to go fish it out. They didn't know how they were going to get it out without digging and even that could have scared the puppy into taking off and getting lost in the miles and miles of underground pipe. We sent a camera down the pipe in hopes of finding it. That's when the good part happened. The puppy saw the lights from the camera and fallowed it over 100ft back out the pipe. Happy ending for all. Well almost all. Seems the fire dept got all the praise in the locale rag without a word about us! Bastards."


Re: No dbt Just a happy ending:
"You really don't want to know what that was! Really! It was a sewer you know. Also I got the full story today from the guys that did the saving. Seems the puppy had fallen into a sewer clean out up by the house (that would be that little PVC cap sticking out of the ground near your house where the plumber buts a thing called a snake to unclog the pipes when your house backs up) This happened at 8:00am The camera crew was called out around 5:00pm after the fire dept had already dug up half this guys yard. Where they found the puppy was in the city sewer main two blocks from the house.

What this means is the puppy had been in the ground for 9 hours already without food or 'clean' water. The camera found him 170' from the manhole. Every time I watch this I keep thinking the poor thing could just give up and lay down and die! And the part at the end when it goes from concrete pipe to PVC (Plastic) and the puppy doesn't want to walk on it because it so slippery! That and the camera got stuck on the off set pipe joint and the nose it was making scared him. They told me they where scared he would take off back up the pipe.
Another 300ft away was a really big sewer main (36') that would have washed his ass away had he gone that far.

Damn I made this a long story!


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