Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bush's Intervention #2

I crawled out of the bathroom long enough to cobble together this post. Damn you cursed stomach flu!

So this election thingy... Pretty cool, huh? This was America's intervention on George Bush and the Republican party. Phase 1 was to confront the power addicts. Finally, we all got together and told Bush that he was dick. We might soften the blow and by telling him that he 'acts' like a dick all the time and that we just know there's probably a cool little dude in their somewhere but if he wants to change he has to commit himself to Phase 2 and 3.

Phase 2 is to get Georgie to stop running around with that gang of losers he loves so. He's already ditched one, Rummy. We can only hope that Face-Shooter gets tossed, too.

Phase 3: He has to do everything the Dems tell him for the next 2 years. Period.

If he fails then impeach his ass.


But when will the press come around? Probably never. Republicans can never 'lose' or 'have a bad day' as far as they're concerned.


Dems win big, progressive policies enjoy broad public support -- but Wash. Post declares nation "right of center"

"THE DAY AFTER. It's nice to finally write one of these election wrap-ups that doesn't have to account for a massive Democratic disappointment. Change is good, right? What it does have to do is punch back against the remarkably coordinated and quick campaign from the right (and sometimes the right includes the left) seeking to paint this election as some sort of victory for ... conservatism."

Daily Kos: These new Dems sure are conservative!:
"One of the most moronic media lines last night, and continuing through today, is how 'conservative' these newly elected Democrats are.

Except, that they're not."
Sigh. Old media, ye are completely worthless.

New media, though.... we've got your back:

Blogs Take Lead in Reporting Polling Problems, With Supporting Evidence on YouTube
"Blogs of all political stripes spent most of yesterday detailing reports of voting machine malfunctions and ballot shortages, effectively becoming an online national clearinghouse of the polling problems that still face the election system.

And in a new twist this year, many bloggers buttressed their accounts of electoral shenanigans with links to videos posted on the video Web site YouTube."
So as our government appears to have turned a corner, we regular Americans can take back the 'doing stupid shit' mantle. It is what we do best:

Man Decides to Speed in Jail Parking Lot:
"A Marathon man reportedly driving with a suspended license and carrying drugs picked the wrong place to speed: the parking lot of the Monroe County jail."


townser said...

Man, I have some illness as well, but it has not stopped me from noticing that the sky has seemed a little more blue and that the Fall colors are a little crisper since Wednesday morning. Apparently, the American electorate is not as dumb as Rover thinks. Sadly, I believe Bush is going to be as divisive as humanly possible over the next three months. Watch for the NSA ramrod that he is going to try to force down congresses collective throats.

BTW, the DBT show in St. Louis was amazing. I was able to talk to Jason for awhile before the show. He made a point of spending time out among the seething masses. Also, hung out and had a beer with Brent after their set. Freaking great night! Hope you feel better soon.

JPW said...

Townser, my man, it is going to be one sweet winter this year. Can't wait til January. I agree that Bush will be as divisive as ever but he'll do it saying "come on, guys, can't we all be bipartisan?" Fuck that, I want partisanship at its finest.

That for the well wishes. I'm still working this whatever the hell I've got out of my system.

I'll be seeing DBT in a couple of weeks in B-ham. Looking forward to it. They just put the first Drams show up on Archive and it was the one in SF on 9/25. Good stuff.