Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Terrorist Have Won - Woo-Hoo!

Three cheers for the Terrorist! Way to get out there and vote my fellow Terrorist. Let's kick open those borders and legalize gay abortions! Woo-hoo!!! Party time!!!!

Stephen Colbert, when he bitterly called the House for the Dems last night, said "We should just give the country back the goddamn Indians". And then this jewel, "We were this close (thumb and forefinger held inches apart) to Jesus coming back".

It really has to be a rough day for the kool aide drinking Republicans. Let's take a look at some of the responses on a popular conservative posting board:

Free Republic Gives Up & Dies - Wonkette:
"OBL has won, who would have imagined that the MSM/DNC would succeed in giving Saddam and Sons, OBL, Bill Maher, Keith Olberman, and John Kerry a victory. We have no choice now, the commie vampire media must be destroyed."

Always gracious in their indictments... I mean defeat:

Dems take House; Senate hangs on 2 neck-to-neck races:
"'We took a whipping last night, and we understand that,' DeLay told CNN's 'American Morning.' 'The Democrats didn't win, the Republicans lost.'"
"They got a name for the winners of the world (Democrats) yet I want a name when I lose (Republicans)"

And the winning didn't just happen on a national level. We won a majority of Governorships and...

Democrats win majority of state legislatures

So yesterday was definitely a....

Smackdown! By Independents & Moderates

Can't you just see Laura forcing Georgie to make this phone call. "But I don't wanna"!:

Bush extends Democrats congratulations

Yes, more rockers are needed in government. Congressman Hood sounds nice.

Ex-Rocker John Hall Wins Upset in NY Congressional Race:
"NEW YORK John Hall, leader of the rock group Orleans that recorded such hits as 'Still the One' and 'Dance With Me,' has won a stunning upset in his race for Congress in upstate New York, narrowly defeating Republican incumbent Sue Kelly 51%-49%."
That's all I've got today. I just gonna kick back and enjoy the win. Thanks to all those who voted for the good guys!


Anonymous said...

"Oh Boy! Is this Great", Flounder (Animal House)

Altoid said...

You just made a great point whether you meant to or not, one I hadn't thought of. I knew that we had won a majority of the state legislature and Governorships, but I hadn't put that into context before. How can Delay come off saying, "The Democrats didn't win, the Republicans lost." You might can go there with just one Chamber or something, but when you dominate nationally like last night. That something more than one party just losing.

JPW said...

Anon, Instant mental image of that quote. I am feeling Flounderish today with a cherub glee plastered on my face.

JPW said...

Altoid: I made a point? Well, goddamn! I better be careful or I just might start to make sense. :-D

But that point is a good one. Really, its more important than the national elections. The state govs and legs. are how the Republicans won the last 3 election cycles. That's where they started. They took over the state govs, gerrymanded the districts to benefit them and the next thing you know we're saying "President Bush".

The netroots and Dean at the DNC have pushed this idea of local governments returning to the Dems. I really didn't think it would happen this quickly as it took the Rethugs 30 years to put their machine in place. We're still developing ours, but, damn it was really sweet to get the local govs. Its called infrastructure.