Friday, December 15, 2006

DBT @ The Alabama Theater Part 2


The best gift you can give this holiday season:

I'm putting in $20 today. Who can match me?!

Vote for DBT!!!

Via Jenn:
DBT is nominated for best Americana album and here's the link to vote...

Pickin' DBT

Some folks say that the DBT are #11 on this list. Myself and, oh, let's say Ricky Bobby say that DBT are #1.... twice.

Top 100 Editor's Picks on Amazon


Kill some work time at Wheeler's

He notes ABAAC in this post.

Perfect Albums And Other Music Stuff - The Alablawg


Our Barbeque is Best!

I know a lot of folks claim that their part of the country produces the best barbeque. I'm making a claim right here and right now that North Alabama, specifially The Shoals area produces the best barbeque in the world.

I back my argument by presenting Chris Lilly, 10 time World Barbeque Champion and host of the Kingsford Barbeque Championship Series. (He's not hosting the finals but he was hosting all the prelims). Chris is from Florence. Check out the link above and click on 'More Grilling Tips from Chris Lilly' to see him in action.

I've drank several beers with Chris back in the day and played several hands of poker with him. Now that he's barbeque famous, I'll state that I went out with his sister a few times back in high school. She was a looker, yes sir!

Below is a recipe for his pork shoulders:

Well Fed Network - Chris Lilly’s Pork Shoulder:
"Today, please welcome Ty Hillin from Paddlin’ Pigs BBQ to our stable of fine writers. Ty’s cooking one of the classic recipes in the barbeque world, Chris Lilly’s Pork Shoulder. It’s damn fine stuff. You can find more of Ty’s writing and stories about barbecue on his blog.

Today I’m smoking 2 pork shoulders. I’m using Chris Lilly’s Grand Championship Pork Shoulder Recipe from the book Peace Love & Barbecue. His recipe calls for an injection and dry rub. The injection was injected last night.This morning I applied the rub at 5:00 AM and placed in the smoker at 6:30 AM. Pork butts(shoulders) cook for about an hour to an hour and a half per pound. For pulled pork, the internal temp needs to reach 195*. Here are the butts injected and rubbed."

Pictures and Books

Here's Steve Richerson and myself filming each other backstage during the Thanksgiving show. Cooley got caught in the cross hairs but notice the freakish vein in Cooley's arm. You know how some world class athletes have bigger hearts or bigger lungs than normal folks? Cooley has an unnatural supply of blood that pumps to his forearms so he can play such incredible guitar.

DBT Yahoo Board Reading List:

We DBT fans are some literate fuckers. Interspersed between the pictures from the Thanksgiving show at the Alabama Theatre are what some of the Yahoo Listers are/will be reading.

Here's a link to the original post started by tybeedawg if you want to check out the reviews and find out who's reading what on the potty.

As always, support your locally owned, locally operated bookstores!

Oh, and, clicked pics git big.

"The Spirit" by Will Eisner
"New Stories from the South" 2006 edition
"State of Denial" by Woodward

Love the Shonna smirk in this pic.

Brad F.:
"Shadow Divers"

Steve W.:
"Ace on the River" by Berry Greenstien.
"A Generation of Swine" by Hunter S. Thompson
"Player Piano" by Vonnegut

"The Dante Club" by Pearl

Greg in NOLA:
"The Great Deluge" by Doug Brinkley
"The Lessons of St. Francis" by John Michael Talbot
"The New Basics Cookbook" by Julie Russo and Sheila Lukins

"A Fan's Notes" by Exley
"Naming and Necessity" by Saul Kripke

Anthony W.:
"The Secret Treasure of Oak Island" by D'Arcy O'Conner.

Scott J.:
"Flags Of Our Fathers" by James Bradley

Ed M.:
"The Looming Tower" by Laurence Wright

Bill in Iowa:
"Light In August" by William Faulkner
"Fay" by Larry Brown

"The Voyage of the Sable Keech" byNeal Asher
"Against the Day" by Thomas Pynchon
"Hoodoo - Conjuration - Witchcraft - Rootwork" by Harry Middleton Hyatt
An anthology of 17th century prose.

I'll show this picture to some chilrens one day and tell them, "Patterson Hood had 4 arms and could play two guitars at once.... and had a blue ox.... and stood 20 feet tall..."

"The Confessions of Aleister Crowley" Autobiography

Antonina L.:
"The Stornoway Way" by Kevin MacNeil

Where's EZB?

Autopsy IV:
"Big Bamboo" by Tim Dorsey

"Smonk" by Tom Franklin

Cathy H.:
"A Confederacy of Dunces" by John Kennedy Toole

Roy S.:
All of Tim Dorsey's books
"Dark Light" by Randy Wayne White
"Nature Girl" by Carl Hiaasen

Guitar Man Down Stairs.... On Stage.

Jerry G.:
"Zimmer Men" by Marcus Berkmann
"Ghost Planes" by Stephen Grey

After I shot this one.....

.... I met the 'Fog Man' who was laughing at me sneaking around down stage.

Here are some goof ups that turned out pretty cool.

'Fire flew from her fingertips as she rosined up her bass'

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Gates, from the Yahoo List matched my $20 and raised me $20 for Sabina. I'm matching his additional $20.

P.S. It doesn't have to be $20 folks. A bunch of people chipping in $5, $10 etc adds up real quick and is just as important as any other amount.