Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mistletoe Wowie

The yuletide log is burning (what the fuck is a yuletide log anyway?).... candy canes are rotting teeth..... Visas are smoking from over use.... christians are pissed about something that doesn't exist.....

Yup, its that warm and fuzzy 'Fake War on Christmas' time of the year again!
Once again, it's time to indulge in the perennial yuletide joys: harried trips to mobbed shopping malls, wasteful spending on pointless presents, spikes in depressive and suicidal feelings. And to these merriments we can now add what is fast becoming another cherished annual rite: defending the tolerant, pluralistic, ecumenical society that most of us have known and loved for decades against the Christian zealots, conservative bullies, and opportunistic pundits who insist that liberals, Jews, Muslims, and other un-American types are waging a "War Against Christmas."

This is the kind of mistletoe I'm talkin' about! Pucker up and puff, puff, pass!!


McCain is insane
. Torture will do that to a man.

Determined to make the Bush Administration seem sane by comparison, John WALNUTS! McCain is finally shifting into the full-on crazy mode we’ve long awaited.

Nutty McNutz has boldly introduced legislation that would make bloggers legally and financially responsible for whatever nonsense is left by random anonymous people in the comments. Oh, and bloggers would be required to figure out which random anonymous commenters are Sex Offenders, and then ban those members of Congress from commenting.


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Mars, Bitches!

Does water STILL flow on Mars?:
"Dramatic new photographs of Mars have revealed the possible existence of water on its surface.

The images - released for the first time on Wednesday by the US space agency NASA - were taken earlier this year in an attempt to unlock the secrets of the Red Planet."

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