Friday, December 22, 2006

DBT WIR - 12/22/06

A Note From Jenn:
Hey you guys, while we're on the subject of cool little kids, I have a request.

We're having an art auction for Sabina (the lil' girl with the brain tumor) that will feature some of her work - she's a pretty good artist for 7 years old!

Unfortunately, because Sabina's vision has been impeded by the tumor, she isn't able to put out very much art these days.

We've begun looking for art from other kids to be auctioned off as well. So if you have or know a kid that likes to draw, color or paint, and who would like to send in some art to be auctioned off for the Sabina fund, let me know offlist (or at jenn@...) and I'll give you the lowdown on where to send it.

Thanks so much to everyone who has donated to Sabina's fund and helped out. She's a sweet little girl to whom fate has dealt a horrible blow, and every little bit you've done has helped her and her family immensely.

Check out the Adams Housecat! benefit show for Sabina by Patterson, Cooley and the EZB a few weeks ago on Southern Shelter. Some great tunes on this one. My favorite is Airplane Screams. Would love to hear a studio version of that song.


Speaking of PHood, his new website is up and looking fine. He seems to be pumping out new songs all the time. You can check out some of the newer lyrics here and if you want to hear a couple of the songs click here. I dig and relate very well to 'Thanksgiving Filter'.


Let us not forget out troops stuck in that hell hole which is Irag. Hopefully, once the new Congress convenes, we'll have a solid plan on getting them the hell out soon (and also a solid impeachment plan to take Bush's dangerous ass out of office).

Watch Jason's 'Dress Blues'.


I want to give a loud 'GET WELL' to our DBT Lister Row!


I compiled the Top Ten Album posts from the Yahoo list and only one of you ranked DBT #1. Bunch of damn Judaseseses. (Just when I get use to the group think that has pervaded the U.S. over the past 6 years, the Dems have to win and bring back respect for varied points of view).

BUT, DBT did receive the most mentions and there were 72 albums listed by you folks. Thanks for the carpal tunnel!

I'm listing below those albums that received 5 or more mentions but the entire list can be read in Excel or PDF formats on the DBT Yahoo List Files. Shoot me an email if you have any problems downloading and I'll send it to you via email.

Here we go:

Drive-By Truckers - A Blessing and a Curse - 11 mentions - Average Rank: 3.8
The Drams -
Jubilee Dive - 9 mentions - Average Rank: 4
Centro-Matic - Fort Recovery - 6 mentions - Average Rank: 3
Neko Case - Fox Confessor Brings the Flood- 6 mentions - Average Rank: 6
Bob Dylan - Modern Times - 5 mentions - Average Rank: 4
Lucero - Rebels Rogues & Sworn Brothers - 5 mentions - Average Rank: 3

Check out the remaining list. Lots of varied music and a great


Check out Teen Appeal.


DBT has a month in The JamBase 2007 Wall Calendar


'I'm a sinister elf with a sinister plan....."


People from all over are discovering DBT

Pure Volume, hardcore, emo, eyeliner metal portal. The myspace of punk. Also, THE NEWEST DBT FANS!

Drive-By Truckers are track #3 on the 'We Were Here First' online sampler, which highlights the fringe of music on "
More peoples:

Via elnorte72:

dbts : Message: some dbt: cma blog:
This guy is hilarious in his appraisal of music row. Seems to have a pretty good handle on 'real' country too: Check out Cooley on his list of 100 greatest country songs of all time. (I think in fairness he should've included one from each of the boys, but there you are)

Here's some news of other bands that ranked highly on the DBT Yahoo List Top 10 Albums of the Year: The Drams “Jubilee Dive” (Finally gets reviewed…):
""Des Moines” proves Brent still has the songwriting chops- for those of you who think he’s gone soft - a song about trying to connect with a significant other on a cell phone that drops the call:

“What a fool I was to trust
Words so critical to say
To a wireless phone call
From 800 miles away”

He then takes the familiar (and oh-so-annoying) marketing slogan “Can you hear me now?” and turns it into a desperate and frustrated plea
Speaking of the Drams, they'll be touring the West Coast in early 2007. I'm very excited about seeing them again. Should be good fun. I'll take many pictures.

Check out their tour dates.

Jenn hooked us with a Brent Best Joke yesterday. Click to listen.


KellyD informs us on the Matic of Centro:

dbts : Message: Centro-Matic....:
Good read about the fine Centro-Matic men and their show in Nashville...where it looks like they were joined by Jason...

Kelly D"

The Hold Steady made a major showing on the Top 10 list and they've been influenced by DBT apparently

Jay Steele via Yahoo Group

Pitchfork Feature: Interview: The Hold Steady:
"Craig Finn: Yeah, I have to say we probably played that up a little bit early just to get an angle. But one of the things when we started playing was that it sounded really sweet because we were going out to the bars and hearing 'House of Jealous Lovers' every night. It's a great song; I don't dislike that music as much as I may have said I did at the time. But what happened at that time in New York is what always happens. You had a couple of great bands: Liars, Rapture, whatever. And then they started to get co-opted. You'd go out to see a band at Mercury Lounge, and then the two bands before that would be disco-punk. I think taking a contrarian position is kind of like selling short in the stock market; you're like, 'I bet people are going to really like this, if we play some loose rock'n'roll.' I think if it's a reaction against anything, it's a reaction against everything in indie rock that just isn't fun. I've said this in other interviews, but this kid said that he went to all these shows that year and us and the Drive-By Truckers were the only two bands that smiled. I thought that's a bad thing. It's a sad state of affairs if that's true."

In other music news:

Aging rockers set to lose rights on early hits:
"LONDON (Reuters) - When finance minister Gordon Brown stands up to make his pre-budget speech next week, aging rockers Cliff Richard, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones might do well to tune in.

Not normally the stuff of rock'n'roll, Wednesday's address looks set to reject music industry calls for an extension of copyright on sound recordings to 95 years from 50, meaning veteran acts' early hits could soon be free for all to use."

Joyeux Noel, y'all. That's French for "Merry Fucking Christmas".

Here's to an excellent 2007 with much great music coming from our favorite artist!

Y'all have fun at the New Year's Shows in Atlanta. I'm sorely upset that I ain't gonna be there so I best be seeing plenty of pictures and stories!




Townser said...


Have a great holiday. I am off to pick up my kids for a week. I am soooooo looking forward to it. Hope you and yours are safe and well.

Anonymous said...

You're the best ever.


AAW said...

You too, Townser! Enjoy you time with the kids!!

AAW said...

Jenn, you are way too kind with that comment... but I'll take it coming from you ;-D

Hug all those necks in Frog Pond and Atlanta for me! Wish I was going to be there.


Anonymous said...

I've posted my list of the best records of the year that I've somehow failed to review.
It's here:
Thanks for the mention!
You guys rock.

AAW said...

Hey Jitter! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the link. I'll work it into one of DBT WIR posts. Great blog you go going over at Slacker Country. I love the look.