Thursday, January 18, 2007

Country Fried Blogosphere

I had to lead with the food article today because just reading it will make you want to drive to the super market to pick up a fryer.

Some nice recipes are included. I know we southerners think we have a lock on the best fried chicken but let me just tell you you that southern food, once left the south, is often improved by fusing it with flavors distinct to other regions. So tasty.

Bay Area chefs and diners rediscover the irresistible appeal of fried chicken:
"It's hard to trace the exact origin of fried chicken, but many believe that it was brought to the American South by Scottish immigrants, who have a history of frying their birds, unlike their English neighbors, who boiled their meat."

Screw top headless cupie-dolls sound off “all is well”
Lap-dance for the ratings and dry-hump in the sewers
Dog shit down the standards of the already mediocre
Sanitized deodorized replaced by something newer
-Verse from Patterson Hood's All the Lesser Monters

If you watch any of the talking heads on Sunday or read any major newspaper you've had to notice the uptick in 'blogger bashing' by the mainstream media. George Will's recent hypocrisy on ABC's This Week is a great example of the bashing. Here is a guy speaking of 'narcisistic bloggers' perched from his spot on national-fucking-TV, tweaking his nipples the entire time.

But, as Ghandi once said, "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win".

We are at the tail end of 'ridicule' and the begining of the 'fight'.

Below is a great respnose to the blogger bashing. The article lays out the MSM's culpability in their own demise and the historical precidents that fortold the rise of the blogosphere as a main source of news and as a reaction to the MSM who ceded their sword of truth and accountability.

Mainstream Media to Bloggers: Bug Off. - The Smirking Chimp:
The MSM is being undone by the convergence of three factors: people have memories, the advent of Google, and the permanence of the printed word.

Thus the MSM today stands condemned by its own record: by crucially important news untold, and by lies and misinformation told. Untold: the full extent of the Iran-Contra scandal, George Bush's earlier drug addiction and his early departure from his Air National Guard obligation, the failure of UN inspectors to find WMDs in pre-war Iraq, electronic voting irregularities and fraud in the last four national elections. Lies and misinformation told: Bill Clinton's alleged (and eventually unfounded) misdeeds in the Whitewater affair, travelgate, filegate, etc., Al Gore's claim to have invented the internet, Judith Miller's New York Times reports on Saddam's alleged WMD's, the Swift-Boat smear of John Kerry."

The internet is a spontaneous public response to these failures.

"The complaint of establishment journalists that the internet is composed overwhelmingly of worthless junk is difficult to respond to, for the plain and simple reason that it is true. But it is an irrelevant truth. There are gems amongst the garbage the 'blogorrhea' as John McQuaid aptly calls it. He writes: if there are [as reported, almost] 100 million blogs, if only 1 percent of them don't suck, and 1 percent of those are excellent, and 1 percent of those are works of true, George Will-approved genius, that's 100 genius blogs. There's got to be a Paine or a Franklin in there somewhere."
Read the entire article. Well worth it.


'low on new ideas'. Like they have ever been 'high' on new ideas:

House Republican leader admits his party is 'low on new ideas':
"Rep. John Boehner, the House Minority Leader, admitted to Roll Call today that his party was running low on ideas, making it difficult for the Republican Party to move forward while it is in the minority."

Jesus. I'm mean, fuck.......

Pentagon Thrift Sale Stocks Iran, China:
"Fighter jet parts and other sensitive U.S. military gear seized from front companies for Iran and brokers for China have been traced in criminal cases to a surprising source: the Pentagon."

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