Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fat Panda Sex

Da da-da da da-da..... SURGE!!!!

The soldiers response?

Bush's response? He-hehe hehe he he hehehehe:

"The president tends to grin and laugh when discussing deadly serious topics."
Must be nervous laughter from all the lying:

The answer to the above simple quesition? Uh.... no.

Which makes Bush.....

"How do you build yourself a madman? Well, first you flatter him, and then you try never to make him angry, and then you feed him ideas that flatter him even more by making him seem to himself sentimentally visionary and powerful and righteous. You appeal to his already evident mean streak and his hot temper by reminding him all the time that he has enemies, and you cultivate his religious side so that the sense of righteous victimization inherent in extreme religion comes out. If he were not already an ignorant, dependant, fragile, and rigid person, he would not be susceptible to this sort of conditioning, but by temperament and practice, he has nothing of his own to counter your efforts."

Check out who the attorney is for the late James Brown.


Yeah, like it's all his fault. He's not the only one to let himself go. She use to wear sexy panda lingerie and fix her fur up all nice for him when he came home from work. But does that happen anymore? Hell no! So what else is he gonna do? Get fat! Damn straight!!

Male Panda Said Too Fat to Have Sex
They have held a mock wedding, announced plans to separate the two to spark a little romance and even talked of introducing panda porn — videos of other pandas mating — to get the pair in the mood.
Maybe if he started buying her breast-enhancing beer he would become more inclined to get off his ass and exercise.

Nice Panda Rack!


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