Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Forbidden Beer

Mr. 28%!

When he gets a 2 point bounce tonight from his State of the Union address, watch the media go wild..... WILD, I tell ya. The talking heads will portray him as the come back kid. Mr. 30% with a bullet!

Bush Approval Rating At New Low, On Eve Of State Of Union, President's Approval Rating Falls To 28%:
"Mr. Bush’s overall approval rating has fallen to just 28 percent, a new low, while more than twice as many (64 percent) disapprove of the way he's handling his job. "

Speaking of the sack of shit that is corporate news media, I fully support the return of the Fairness Doctrine.

Rep. believes Democratic media reform bill may prevent possible 'fascist' takeover of US media:
"Hinchey believes takeover of the U.S. media has been carefully calculated by the political right wing, starting with abolition of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987, which had required that broadcasters give equal time for people who wished to express an opposing viewpoint. It was originally adopted in 1949 due to the rise of global fascism after World War II.

Fascist government dominated discussions in Europe. They could now broadcast all over and control all information going out. That's how they took over governments in Spain and Italy Hinchey recalled. The U.S. said the airways should be owned by everyone."
On a related note:

The Next Hurrah: When the liar is a friend:
"When you read a news story, do you take it at face value until something raises a flag or do you look at the source and decide in advance whether you're going to read with a skeptical eye? Are you more likely to believe news if it fits neatly into your existing worldview or are you really objective? Without a healthy skepticism, we would fall for every sales pitch on TV -- but by trusting some sources less it follows that we trust some sources more, and that leaves us vulnerable to carefully placed deceit. I wonder if there's any way to reduce that weak spot without losing trust altogether."

You might recall this picture.....:

... with this comment.....:
This Starbucks is within the walls of the “Forbidden City,” named so because it was forbidden to anyone that was not part of the Emperor’s court. Today it is forbidden to Dunkin Donuts.
.... from a post AAW hosted from my international friend David Shipper after his trip to China. You can check out the entire post here. Funny stuff.

Well, apparently, the 'Forbidden City' may be forbidden to Starbucks, too:

China palace Starbucks may close:
"BEIJING - Managers of China's vast Forbidden City palace are deciding whether to close a Starbucks outlet on its grounds after protests led by a state TV personality, a news report said Thursday.

The Forbidden City, built in 1420, is a 178-acre complex of villas, chapels and gardens that was home to 24 emperors before the end of imperial rule in 1911. It is China's top tourist attraction, drawing some 7 million visitors a year.

Using his noggin:

TV Helicopter Pilot Saves Stranded Deer:
"The pilot of a TV news helicopter used the wind from the aircraft's rotor to push a stranded deer to safety after it lost its footing on a frozen lake and could not get up."

Dammit! Another idea that I could have come up with and made millions. Dammit, dammit, dammit!

A cold one for man's best friend:
"AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) -- After a long day hunting, there's nothing like wrapping your paw around a cold bottle of beer.

So Terrie Berenden, a pet shop owner in the southern Dutch town of Zelhem, created a beer for her Weimaraners made from beef extract and malt"

'We got good help down in Franklin County'..... well, not really. She's just training the child for all the National Championships Saban is gonna with at Bama. What's the big deal?

Mom allowed infant to drink beer:
"RUSSELLVILLE -- A Franklin County woman has been arrested after she allowed her infant son to drink beer, officials said."


The Avon Lady said...

The United States is a nation of laws: badly written and randomly enforced.
- Frank Zappa

Saw this quote and thought of you!! Hope all is well on your cost...

Not sure if I can stomach watching tonight, but I'll try...

AAW said...

Hey Sweetie!

Great quote. Zappa rocked, politically.

Things could be better on this coast, but they could be worse, too. ;-)

I shan't be watching tonight. Same ol' same ol'. I'll catch the lowlights on Crooks and Liars tomorrow.

I'm getting a double dose of The Drams this weekend. Friday in SLO and Saturday in SF! Woo-hoo!!

Hope you're getting to spend some quality time with the Matador. That's assuming that he's 'down' during the 'down time'.