Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Intel, Recyclables, Dick, Weed

Get your 2007 stock picks right here. May not be safe for work unless you have headphones... some dirty words.

(Thanks for the much needed laugh, JennB!)


Why southern states are not pursuing this is beyond me. Talk about being able to save the family farm.

N. Dakota man aims to be 1st hemp farmer


makes national news today.


The jig is up, gentlemen! The ladies have finally figured us out.


Why is this just now becoming law?


What's up with Texas wanting to claim everything from Connecticut?

Burger battle brewing between Texas, Connecticut



Townser said...

Hey- Like the new look. Your quote from Lazy Guy in the upper right always hits home for me. I love that song. As for your link about Buttholeville, in another life I was a ski bum up in the mountains of Colorado and one of the scribes for the local rag swore that the Taladega National Forest was one of the most beautiful places he had ever been. Having not spent any substantial time in your home state (unless you count rocketing across 20 on some sort of sordid drug run at like 4 a.m. once)I may have to piece together a combo luxury golf/backpacking/Truckers sightseeing tour.

AAW said...

Hey Townser! Thanks. The place is still a work in progress but mostly done unless I make it a real website. Still considering whether I have the time to manage.

Lazy Guy is my national anthem.

Dega National Forest was once mostly a wasteland due to over logging. Gov bought it and it has made a comeback.

Bankhead is closest to the Shoals and is an amazing place. Very beautiful.

I've played the Huntsville, Birmingham and most recently The Shoals course in the RTJ golf trail and they are some awesome courses.

Hell, if you ever do want to put that tour together let me know and I'll set you up with where you need to go.